Face Off Cloth - The Utlimate Makeup Remover

One of my closest friends has washed her face using only water all her life. And her skin is magnificent. So stunning she could be in skincare ads. Her mother and her sister also followed the same ritual.

I, on the other hand, have never understood the concept - how it is possible to "clean" something with out an cleanser of some kind? Trust me, if I could use just water, I would. It would save me a lot of time, money and counter/cabinet space. But  on my skin, it just doesn't cut it.

So imagine my shock when I tried the Face Off Cloth  and it took off my face and eye makeup using only water just like that.

Like a freakin' dream.

I still can't believe it. I've used high-end, expensive cleansers that can't get off my long wear eye makeup and this miracle cloth does it all on its own with just a little added moisture.

Never having been a facecloth user, this is kind of new for me.

The 80% polyester and 20% polyamide white cloth is soft and plush and roughly the size of a folded cocktail napkin.

When I first tried it, I applied a whole whack of pressure, so I experienced a bit of drag, but when I wiped my face gently the following night, it was barely noticeable. The cloth lifts off the impurities and makeup not force, so go easy.

Not only is having all your makeup gone in a few seconds a wonder, it's amazing to see the cloth marked up with all the dirt, grime and cosmetics you've had on all day. You can see the clean right before your eyes. It also gives you the bonus of a little exfoliation along the way, so just watch at how bright your skin looks without an ounce of serum, cream or foundation.

To keep it clean, simply wash it under the tap with a bit of soap. Somehow all that waterproof and stay put makeup that you usually have to work to get rid of, slips off the cloth in mere seconds. It's all thanks to the unique weave ultra thin microfibers (though to look at it, it just looks like a regular facecloth). Hang it to dry and it's ready for use when you need it next.

The cloth is good for three to four months and can be machine washed (no bleach or fabric softeners).

It's so fast and painless and can be done anywhere because you don't have to buy and lug any products or wipes or cotton balls or pads along with you, so it's also ideal for any travel.

The Face Off Cloth is a real game changer, so shop now.

Stephanie Dickison

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