Nova Scotia Fisherman - Why Sea Kelp Is Your New Favourite Skincare Ingredient

Fisherman are not just some of the hardest working people, they also face all the elements at their harshest - sleet, rain, sun, wind. Their skin gets ravaged by the extreme weather. And just being on the water intensifies everything. So if the fine folks reeling in the catch of the day trust their skin to handmade Nova Scotia Fisherman, I’m with them.

Certainly my life doesn’t resemble these fisherman much. After all, I am almost exclusively on land and indoors a lot of the day, but that doesn’t mean I don’t yearn for and need serious skin protection.

Here's how Nova Scotia Fisherman Lotion saved me. Three times:

1. After a day at a recent art show held on a concrete square on one of the hottest days this summer, I came home quite burned despite having SPF 60 sunscreen on. As soon as I got home into a cooler environment, my skin bubbled hot, and became tender to the touch and extremely itchy. 

I didn’t have any aloe or calamine lotion on hand, but remembered my handsome Nova Scotia Fisherman Lotion in the cupboard. I slathered it on and in just seconds, my skin was cooled and soothed. A few minutes later, the distracting, painful itch had disappeared and the bright lobster colour has transformed into an reddish brown tan.

2. When I first started running, I ended up with painful heat rashes that I treated with my usual skin care moisturizers. It stung and burned and did little to banish my red, inflamed skin. 

Then just last week, there it was again after a sweltering day outdoor. I came home with a furious heat rash on my arms. Angry bumpy red marks littered my skin. And boy was it sore and sensitive. Since I’d not often experienced it before I wasn’t sure of the remedy, so in the meantime, I applied my lovely Nova Scotia Fisherman Lotion to hopefully quell the eruption in the short term. Ten minutes later, the pain and redness subsided. 

It was like it had never happened.

3. I have dry skin and sometimes I get a dry patch that just won't budge. This wonder lotion kicked in right away and went to work on the stubborn spot in just a matter of days. Usually, they stick around for a few months.

This wonderful wonder cream sinks in right away and isn't greasy one bit.  It makes your skin smooth and supple. The secret to the scent and the lotion's serious healing power is Nova Scotia Sea Kelp. It helps your skin heal, retain moisture, firm, oxygenate and detoxify. It contains antioxidants and beta-carotene and protects it from the elements.

In addition to sea kelp it's loaded with shea butter, aloe leaf juice comfrey, extracts (cucumber fruit, elder, and mallow), and so many good for you, good for your skin oils (avocado, coconut, corn, grape seed, jojoba, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed), you'll look and feel better right away.

The scent is so lovely (like being near the ocean) that about 10 seconds after I soothed my skin with it, I inhaled deeply and said, “Mmmm,” quite out loud.

Also of note:

- The scrumptious scent of Sea Fennel & Bayberry Soap. You'll feel impeccably clean afterwards.

- New! Fisher-Mint Lip Balm, which is the first ever green lip balm I've tried. Filled with such goodness - powerful Nova Scotia Sea Kelp, beeswax, shea butter, vitamin E and tons of nourishing oils (castor, coconut, eucalyptus, grape seed, jojoba, lavender, olive, peppermint, spearmint leaf) - your lips will be soft and supple, no matter what the weather.

- Your medicine cabinet isn't complete until you've got Nova Scotia Fisherman Rescue Balm. Put this green, intoxicating salve anywhere your skin needs a little extra TLC. You can even use it on your pet's paws!

Should you wish to try all of the above, get the Stem to Stern Gift Pack. It's an amazing deal and since they're travel size, they can go wherever you go. The Gift Bucket is also a great buy.


This family and friend owned beauty and skincare company is located in Nova Scotia, one of the most beautiful places on earth and the only one that can boast this local kelp (Fucus Vesiculosus) harvested off their stunning shores. Besides all the anti-aging properties, their sea kelp works to sooth and nourish your skin in a myriad of ways.

And Nova Scotia Fisherman doesn’t stop at just fantastic and 100% natural products - a portion of every sale benefits the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

Nova Scotia Fisherman - what a catch. Shop now.

Stephanie Dickison

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