Disney Alice Through the Looking Glass Collection by OPI NEW Brights Collection - Magical Summer Adventure

I know you are all about your dark tips even though the warm weather has most certainly arrived, but it's time to lighten up, if just for a moment, and dip your fingers into the Disney Alice Through the Looking Glass Collection by OPI NEW Brights Collection.

The whimsical, limited-edition collection launches this month in celebration of the Disney movie of the same name, in theatres May 27.

Featuring eight limited-edition shades (available in both lacquer and GelColor formulas), plus a bonus special edition nail lacquer, these vivid hues ranging from mother of pearl to ocean blues are sure to brighten your day and enchant your evening.

Here's a closer look at the collection:

- Fearlessly Alice

Greece's waters and stucco walls are covered in this bold and brilliant blue. This stunning shade is sure to get you noticed.

- The I’s Have It 

Periwinkle blue is summery in the most expected way. Think Cape Cod, an August country wedding, and your most comfortable, well-worn, light blue boyfriend jeans.

- I’m Gown for Anything! 

Thick, rich lavender is always a good choice. This pastel  (pictured above) is tres flattering no matter what your skin tone and it truly goes with everything. Every time I wear it, someone tells me how much they love it - the ultimate testimonial.

- Mad for Madness Sake

I love a bright fuchsia in summertime and this one goes on way smooth. It's a staple I can rock anywhere on any occasion - it's office appropriate but also looks fab on the patio or at the beach. My bottle will be empty by the end of August.

- What’s the Hatter with You? 

You are missing your darks already, aren't you? You're in luck because this rich burgundy crème satiates your need for something a little deeper without losing the summer feels.

And the added bonus? Everything looks instantly elegant and elevated when you're got it on.

- Having a Big Head Day

I find it hard to wear reds. They are just too much for my light skin. But because there's real depth to this shade, it works. 

- A Mirror Escape

Brushed not gleaming, and even with the minuscule glitter, this gold is lavish, never nearing gaudiness. So much so, you can wear it with everything - from tank top and capris to billowing maxi or statement gown. And because of its shimmer and shine, chips aren't obvious so it wears and wears.

It will quickly become one of your go-tos, as it has mine. 

- Oh My Majesty! 

This pearly white always looks professional (a must-have for that presentation on Monday) and shows off a tan like you wouldn't believe.

- What Time Isn’t It? 

You bonus shade is a special edition nail lacquer in matte charcoal, bolstered by silver tinsel. It gives you that dark you crave, complete with little sabres of light. Perfect.

Stephanie Dickison

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