bodyFood Dental One Drop Solution - The Only Dental Care You Need

I have long been a believer that there are better and more natural toothpastes than what is on offer at the drugstore.

One of my happy new discoveries also happens to be one of the most unique I've ever come across and also one of my all time favourite products (if I was stranded on a desert island, I would bring this). 

bodyFood Dental One Drop Solution is made entirely of essential oils which sounds weird and gross I know, but stay with me.

Using 100% natural organic essential oils, this healing serum works on your teeth and gums, leaving you with whiter, cleaner teeth and healthy gums.Not only that it helps to prevent dental disease and tooth decay along with the nasty problems of bleeding gums and gingivitis.

I used the original formula, but it's also available in peppermint. I took to the solution right away, which surprised me. There are notes of cardamom and cinnamon but somehow it's not overpowering (I am really not a fan of cardamom, so if it was strong, I couldn't go near it, never mind use it).

What is perhaps most strange is that you don't use any water during, you just rinse afterwards. I know it sounds bonkers, but actually, it's truly amazing.

I don't quite understand how these oils don't feel the least bit oily or greasy or how they make such effective cleaners (clearly MD was never meant to follow my surname). Even though you use just a single drop, my teeth were so squeaky clean after each use, I got into the habit of running my tongue over my pearly whites (because now they were truly white too). Huh. I've never felt the need to do that with those mainstream toothpastes at the drugstore.

I struggle a lot with tooth sensitivity, and since a lot of my job requires drinking and eating hot and cold items back-to-back, in the same sitting, I have to stay on top on it. Lucky for me, bodyFood Dental One Drop Solution was initially developed for folks who found regular toothpaste's chemical components of ordinary toothpastes too harsh.

bodyFood Dental One Drop Solution did such a great job at transforming my entire mouth - Pain free! Pure white teeth (even red wine didn't stand a chance)! Healthy gums! What's plaque? - that I brushed my teeth at least three times a day (that's a first).

While it does cost more than your typical tube of toothpaste, using bodyFood Dental One Drop Solution is like having a dental hygienist at your side, making it an absolute bargain. 

So shop bodyFood Dental One Drop Solution now.

p.s. Next up I want to try their Lemongrass Mint Mouthwash

Stephanie Dickison

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