Bliss Achilles’ Heel Spa-Powered Heel Smoother - Insta-Worthy Tootsies in a Snap

Oh my god, it's sandal season already. I am so not prepared for this. But don't worry, help is here. All you need to get your feet pretty in an instant is Bliss Achilles’ Heel Spa-Powered Heel Smoother

The intensity of this little machine means you'll slough off all that extra winter build up in a hot minute (it's strongly recommended you do it in private, as no one needs to bear witness to that). So you'll be ready to show off those feet in just a sec, no bad how dry or callused your skin (I feel you).

The box comes with all the parts that you assemble quickly (note: not so much after a few wine). The instructions seem a bit more complicated than they need to be (don't judge but I think I'd had a had few), so if  it's perplexing at first, just leave it and it will come together with ease the next day.

And I so appreciate that the 4 "AA" batteries are included. There is nothing worse than trying to scrounge around for the batteries (truth: I am waaaay organized and actually know where everything is in the house - I know, it's so annoying - but I realize most people haven't the foggiest as to where things are).

This fat-bodied little whirrer is so easy to hold. Just remember to use light pressure to heels and soles - that grater going to work on your foot needn't be pressed into your skin (h-e-l-l-o American Horror Story).

Wow, the kit comes with exfoliating AND buffing discs. Usually feet tools come with one or the other, so this added feature ensures that you'll only ever be leaving the house with soft, smooth tootsies.

And you also get Foot Patrol, a softening cream that also sheds any last remnants of your old skin thanks to AHA. Aloe leaf and peppermint soothe, moisturize and refresh  - your feet are so silky now, you'll be dying to show 'em off.


Now I can't wait to slip on my strappy heels and tasseled sandals. My feet are so baby soft now, footsies under the table and curling my feet against someone else's under the covers is practically a must now thanks to Bliss Achilles’ Heel Spa-Powered Heel Smoother.

Shop Bliss Achilles’ Heel Spa-Powered Heel Smoother now at Hudson’s Bay,, Sephora,, London Drugs and

Stephanie Dickison

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