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One of the best makeup products I've ever tried is Stila Stay All Day 10-in-1 HD Illuminating Beauty Balm. I use it every chance I get. I absolutely love it - it delivers a soft glow yet always looks completely natural.

I recently tried a host of Stila's other products and it's no surprise that they have all made it into my crammed makeup bag for daily consumption. They are all must-have products.  Here's why:

It used to be that I would need a long-lasting waterproof liner only occasionally. Perhaps if I was going swimming or heading out in a snowstorm (I once ran into a gorgeous ex during a blizzard and it wasn't until I got home that I realized my mascara had melted and run down in big, black streaks down my cheeks. Nice.), but other than that, what would be the point?

Well, with work days getting longer and longer, I need my eyeliner to stay put for the whole day - break of dawn 'til midnight. 

This waterproof, smudgeproof liner outperforms most of my other makeup throughout the day. I tested it in the harsh conditions of running in the rain to a funeral.  It stands up each and every time. 

The fine brush-like tip allows for a precise line that delivers an ink-black so rich, your eyes sparkle and pop like champagne. It also dries quickly so there's not that usual transfer that happens when using wet liners.

It comes in seven other shades as well, but be sure to get one in black. It goes with everything.

Want a stay-put eyeliner one day and bright, vivacious shadow the next? Stila's brilliant Smudge Sticks are the perfect solution for those of us who demand the best of both worlds.

Mattes and shimmers are dispatched with nourishing vitamin E, so they go on super smooth. Set a line, then smudge it. It's there to stay, don't worry. The smoky eye has never been easier.

Available in 31 shades, you'll want them all, I promise you. I recommend Stingray, Lionfish, Aubergine, Navy and Emerald to start. They are like your wardrobe essentials - colours that go with everything and can be mixed and matched. Getting ready for work has never been this fun.

- Stila Stay all Day Brow Gel & Brush

Speaking of eyes, you best be tending to those things you call eyebrows. If anything is going to make you look polished today, it's amazingly going to be those brows of yours.

Sheesh, all those years I was using a pencil when I could have been using a gel. You get an added depth that you just can't get from a pencil and it just glides on. The tube allots just enough for the accompanying brush, and the spooled end with cool concave bristles allows you to brush it out for a soft, all-natural effect.  The formula comes in 5 shades.

No one will ever know how thin and sparse your real brows are. 

- Stila HUGE Extreme Lash Mascara

I have tested a lot of mascaras in my day and never before have I come across a brush like this. Curved to your eye's shape with wonky bristles that go this way and that, you'd think it would be a mess, but every lash gets an even coat in one smooth, swell sweep - no clumps or lumps. Soft waxes they may be, but they go on dark and come off so quickly, so easily.

And thanks to lash conditioners, your lashes will be soft and hydrated whether you're wearing mascara or not.


- Stila Lush Lips Water Plumping Primer

I am not a primer girl. I don't like adding an extra step even if it means a better end result. I am time-oriented, I've got things to do, I...


I cannot get over how immediately my lips get hydrated, soothed and smoothed. My lip balms don't even work this quickly. They feel injected with moisture.  They feel so cool, I don't even notice the formula changing. The water evaporates (though you never feel the difference) and a conditioning shield forms. They get a slightly beige tinge and even out to a sexy smoothness and plumpness, ridding you of any imperfections, giving you a picture perfect finish hat will result in a shower of kisses from someone - and no doubt, offers from others. Just sayin'.

And that's all before you've even applied your lipstick.

- Stila Stay all Day Liquid Lipstick

I have never seen such a rich intense colour from a lipstick before.

It's like real paint, except it's light, matte and nourishing thanks to avocado oil and vitamin E.

Even the applicator is unusual (it resembles a terrycloth ballerina slipper) but it helps apply the very wet product evenly and accurately.

You get six hours wear out of it without a hint of feathering or loss of colour, which means it will last from morning to lunch (go ahead and sip your cappuccino - your lipstick's not going anywhere), lunch to dinner (thank god, because you are going to tear into that steak and red wine so hard after a long day at the office).

There are five new shades to try: Baci, Caramello, Bacca, Ricco and Chianti.

p.s. If you're looking for a stellar lip brush, get Lush Lip Brush #6. Not only does it make application a breeze, it comes in a stunning rose gold case that you'll want to leave on your desk, not in your purse.

Stila, you are amazing. Mwah.

Look. No transfer, no smudging...

Stephanie Dickison

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