Boottique - Organize Everything (Clothes, Boots & Shoes) with Style!

Boottique is going to be one of the best things to happen to you this year.

Their innovative and original organizing products allow to you keep your gear organized, no matter how small your space. Fascinating storage solutions (they create space when you could have sworn there wasn't an inch of give left) made with women in mind (I don't see no men needing to worry about how to store their boots and shoes), these fashionable accessories will help you not only get organized, but ensure it stays that way.

Uh huh.

Check out just some of Boottique's awesomeness:

- The Boot Rack (pictured above)

You know how fashion houses always display their latest collection on a white clothing rack and everything looks so stream-lined and organized?

The amazing gals at Boottique have created one especially for your beloved boots. I've never seen anything like it!

The free-standing white rack (so it goes with everything) can be left out in a room (so you can admire your carefully curated collection) or stowed away in a closet (it fits nicely underneath all those shirts and blouses).

The rack comes with six boot hangers (available in three colours) so you can organize six pairs, but the rack can hold up to ten, so go ahead and get more hangers if you need to.

Boots have always been a nightmare to manage and store and keep from looking like something's exploded in the closet. Now it's a complete dream, thanks to the amazing The Boot Rack

p.s. Are you a bootaholic? Need more space? Don't worry, the Double Decker Boot Caddy allows for 12 pairs of neatly organized boots. 

If there's one thing you never have enough room for it's shoes. One of the best storage solutions I've ever come across for your beloved footwear are Shoe Stax.

You get two, two, two pairs in one spot, without having to rejig your shelving or have to move heavy jeans and sweaters to another spot!

Not only do you get to stack your pumps, heels, plaforms, wedges, flats and more in a compact space, you can access them with ease (boxes are great, but you have to open and close them up - what a hassle -  and who can see what's in there? Is that a stiletto or flip flop). Just grab 'em and go!

The set comes with six shoe holders. Okay, both you and I know that you have way more than six pairs, so you should definitely stock up on these. You can live in the smallest condo and still have room for your precious shoe collection.

And the more space you save, the more room you'll have for... MORE SHOES! Ack!

I have rejigged many closets in my day, but there comes a point where you just can't add more shelves, racks, drawers or hangers. It seems like all hope is lost.

That's until The Closet Cascader came along.

It magically creates space for up to eight items where there was previously only room for one. While you can certainly just grab any items to hang on this adorbs fabric chevron stripe strip hung on an S-hook, why not use it to curate outfits - put together looks for the week or group together similar items for quick access on early mornings?

It doesn't just create more space - it creates peace of mind.

I don't know why I've resisted lingerie bags for so long. It's so much easier than hand-washing (which is why it happens so rarely in my house) and did you know that you should be washing your bra every few wears? I usually don't get 'round to it for at least a month.

This kit ought to right those wrongs. Not only that, you can wash and dry all your other delicates, including swim gear, without fear of them snagging, getting tangled (just watch what happens when your tights get washed with the sheets), or losing their shape (you got that bra with the firm cups for a reason).

The six piece set include three mesh laundry bags and three drying hangers. The hangers have curlicue ends so that nothing ever slips off. Ahhh, that's better.

And so is a really, really clean bra.

- The Boot Wallet

If you've ever dog-walked, you'll know that you can't be carrying a bunch of bags with you - it's all hands on deck.

If you want hand-free freedom whether it's while walking Buster or even just so you don't always have to bring a purse, or wear something with pockets (my pants are almost exclusively pocketless) , The Boot Wallet is for you.

There's room to stash cash, cards and even lipstick - you just strap it to your leg inside your boot with the adjustable elastic band (10" to 16"). You can take the wallet out to pay, reapply your lipstick or show your ID, transit pass, etc., and then pop it back on when you're done.

Keeping your hands-free is always a good idea - you never know when they'll be someone you want to hold hands with.

Shop all of Boottique now.

p.s. This amazing company in Minnesota is small, and female run.

Stephanie Dickison

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