Dakota Vox DV Light Up Mascara - Guided by the Light

Even if you use a magnifying mirror, it's difficult to really reach all of your lashes, root to tip.

That's why Dakota Vox DV Light Up Mascara is such a game-changer.

You click on the light by pressing the button on top of the cap, use the mirror on the side of the tube and BAM! Your lashes are in full view, for perhaps the first time ever.

I had never shone a light on my peepers before. I could see how blonde the tips were and how many lashes were invisible. The bright white LED light allows you to see each and every one of your l'il beauties and swath them full-length with rich black mascara.

The mascara itself is silky and thick, but doesn't glob. It's dark black, yet quite natural looking (thanks beeswax and carnauba wax). The small, close silicone brush distributes even, long coats and I have yet to see a flake or a smudge.

If you want superior coverage and application, light it up with DV Mascara.

And just in time for holiday parties.

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Stephanie Dickison

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