Produce Candles - Bring the Fresh Outdoors In with Radiant Garden Scents

Now that there's a chill in the air, windows that have been open all summer long have been quickly closed. The air in the house becomes stale as heat blows through the vents. Ugh, where is that freshness that you live for in summer?

Produce Candles deliver fresh-from-the-garden scents that are exhilarating and energizing, with a clean cotton, laundry-out-on-the-line finish.

That's why you have to experience these candles for yourself, because the aromas are much more complex than their single ingredient moniker such as Fig and Sage.

Each candle is  available for a limited time only - it's seasonal just like the produce it's inspired by - so you get to experience each transfixing bouquet at the height of its harvest. 

I was swept away by Produce Candle's Tomato this summer. A vivacious scent that had notes of celery leaves, it is one of the best scents I've ever experienced. Rhubarb had creamier, sweeter notes, but never cloying or overpowering.

Cilantro is similar to Tomato with a snappy zing and zest that evokes freshly washed floors and just cut grass. Light this before your guests arrive and they'll think you've spent the whole day cleaning. As if.

If you want something floral, Wildflower envelops you in its beauty and keeps springtime alive at home. 

To celebrate the crisp fall weather, there is no better way than with Kale or Rosemary

And if the soon-to-arrive winter season is what excites you, Sage provides a warm woodiness that will inspire you to do big roasts every Sunday, make mulled wine, and snuggle under thick blankets with hot cocoa and a deep pile of books/magazines/Netflix shows/DVDs.

Even the packaging is sweet  - sophisticated mason jars with vented screw top and cheery labels - making it easy to gift to friends and family this holiday season, without having to spend hours wrapping.

It's no wonder that trend-setter and style-icon Anthropologie carried these gorgeous hand-cultivated candles. Made with natural soy wax and premium cotton wicks, they give a long-lasting (60 hours!) clean burn.

Never before have I experienced aromas this unique and captivating, joining scent and soil. 

That's why you've got to shop Produce Candles right now.

Stephanie Dickison

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