Foreo LUNA Mini: Your New Secret Weapon to Clean, Clear Skin

Not since I was a teen have I awoken with smeared eyeliner and caked mascara.

I never go to bed without washing my face. It doesn't matter if I've put in an 18 hour day or if I've sipped too much champagne, the makeup comes off. I'll leave the lights on, probably forget to take my earrings off, and the sheets will glimmer with left on body glow, but at least my face gets a good wash.

But never before have I looked forward to it. Never have I removed my makeup so early in the evening (What if someone stops by? I love the pop-in, so I always encourage friends and neighbours) just so I can cleanse my face.

And at no time have I used anything that so deeply cleanses and softens my skin like Foreo. My Foreo LUNA Mini Save the Sea Special Edition, to be specific (where this summer, net proceeds from the sales of this product will be donated to FOREO’s Board of Ocean Conservation charity partners, raising the awareness and funds they need to help protect and preserve our oceans).

I really didn't expect this. But this little silicone wonder uses soft nubs and something called T-sonic technology, delivering light vibrations that massage your skin (using up to 8,000 pulsations per minute) while getting down on the dirt and grime lodged deep within your skin. Yep, it gently yet effectively get rid of dead skin, any sign of makeup, unclog your pores and remove any dirt or anything else that's trying desperately to cling onto your face. See ya!

It's super easy to use:

1. apply a small amount of your cleanser
2. wet your Luna
3. turn it on with one touch and on and use it for 1 minute (I found the feeling of both the vibrations and the excitement of getting my skin so clean amazing)
4. use the other side of the Luna with its lower-frequency pulsations on your delicate lines and "wrinkle-prone areas" for another minute (trust me, by this point, you'll be having so much fun, you'll be singing into it like a hairbrush).

That said, the best way to learn about it - which side is which, etc. - is to download the Full User Manual. The quick start guide that comes with the device doesn't tell you which side to use for cleansing (I used the wrong one at first), what direction to use it in, what pressing the button a second time does, and it also doesn't tell you not to cleansers with pumice or beads or scrubs as it will wear on the nubs, which is important (and which I also used by accident in the beginning).

But it is really easy to use. After just one go, my skin so freakin' clean and soft I couldn't believe it. After three days, it looked so good I could have gone out without makeup. Every time I've used it since, I start to look a little younger, a little more fresh faced than before.

The waterproof device is so smart that it reverbs three times quickly and the light steadies to tell you that your one minute is up. It also automatically turns off after three minutes so there's no danger of you over doing it.

An intuitive shape makes it ieasy to hold and conform and contour along your features. And because the brush is silicone, not bristles, it's more resistant to bacteria buildup.

This is the first beauty device I've ever used that I have to charge with a USB. But it's supposed to last for 5 months before having to recharge. I'm not quite there yet, but I haven't had to plug it in since the initial charge yet.

The only problem? It's kind of ruined the good ol' fashioned way of cleansing. I just don't want to do it without my Foreo LUNA mini.

Get your own right now. And I'll know that if you don't pick up when I call you, you're cleansing your face. Me too.

Stephanie Dickison

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