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A watch is one of the most defining accessories you'll ever own. It immediately illustrates whether you are boho or business-minded, if you are all about the 80s or up-to-the-minute with your fashion choices.

But who can afford more than one look, one style? Have you seen how much a basic watch is these days? It's completely ridiculous.

That's why you need to get yourself Fullspot Watches.

Created and manufactured in Italy, the O Clock Series watches are a chic line of sleek, silicone, water-resistant watches that you can change up depending upon your mood or outfit.

And the added bonus? They are ridiculously affordable so you can stock up for yourself, as well as friends and fam. Christmas shopping? Done! Birthdays? Taken care of!

There are so many lines to choose from: Stick with the Classic line or go a bit wild with Safari and  Camouflage. Add a pop of glam with the stunning Gold & Silver.

The Black and White, or Nero, as Fullspot Italy calls it, from the Classic line is an ideal everyday watch. Stylish without being obtrusive, the white hands on the white background (with no distracting numbers, thank you) lets the black strap stand out. Completely timeless. And under $45 to boot. Swoon.

Should you wish for a shock of colour to wake up your wardrobe basics, get yourself a O Clock Strap. It's super easy and takes just a sec - just pop out the face and add a new strap. My new bright cheery red looks chic against my standby outfits of beige, navy, grey and black, and works with practically any colour or print.

If the strap is your favourite part (so super comfortable and just slips on and off, making it easy to change looks in a snap), change the look with a quick switchout of an O Clock Watch Dial. Select from a ton of different colours and patterns. Go ahead and try and pick just one - there's no way. You're going to have to get a bunch. Start with the ideal summer look - Forget-Me-Knot.

Want a bit of bling without having to shell out for diamonds? Go glam with the fabulous Cristal Line. It's just enough shine to make you look a bit fancy without going overboard.

And if you want a serious John Hughes, Tears for Fears and acid jeans feel, look no further than the truly awesome 80s Clock Watch Collection, available in 3 colour combos.

If you're not the wrist wearing type, the O Chive Pocket Watch allows you to keep an eye on the time without taking up all that prime bangle/bracelet real estate.

Fullspot Watches are modern, offer superior comfort, and allow you to change the look quickly and affordably. Finally your watch will go with your outfit. Each and every outfit.

Commence jumping up and down. And then shop Fullspot Watches now.

Stephanie Dickison

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