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I am a sucker for supplements. Improve your eyesight with just one tablet? Sold! Increase your energy simply by taking one pill at dinner? Done! But it gets to the point where you have to look to other ways of improving yourself. I'm currently taking 3 vitamins and 2 supplements, so I thought it was time I try something new to boost my health and wellness.

Enter the Essential Patch, an all-natural aromatherapy patch that provides a blend of organic essential oils that you stick on like a bandage and let it work its magic on you throughout the day. 

I looooveve the method of delivery, because honestly, mixing up a batch of essential oils on my own and then slathering it on before heading out the door is my idea of a messy nightmare. And you don't have to try and remember to take a pill or gulp down a spoonful of anything, because we both know that some days are so busy, you've barely got time to pee, never mind try and better yourself.  Laura Sampadian, co-founder of Essential Patch says “We thought it was important to translate this ancient method of alternative healing into a convenient, easy-to-use product that fits into our modern lifestyle, all while providing a safe, effective remedy for common issues.” Hear hear!

Whether you're looking to alleviate a specific ailment such as allergies, cough and cold, headache, sleeplessness or stress or you simply want to improve your overall wellness, there's a gently fragrant, healing patch awaiting you.

You can place the latex and preservative-free, 100% cotton patch to your upper chest, upper arm or sole of your foot for up to 24 hours. I wore Wellness (pictured above) on my upper chest from morning until bed, and felt like I was wearing a bit of armour against the gross bits of the world

Organic jojoba oil, lemon, frankincense and lime organic essential oils certainly worked their magic on me - I felt like I could do anything. And it's no wonder - lime acts "as an all-in-one equalizer and enhancer," frankincense increases "spiritual awareness, positive attitude and your overall healthy," while lemon improves mental accuracy and concentration." I wasn't just imagining this increased sense of "better" feeling.

See, the oils "have a unique ability to penetrate cell membranes and diffuse throughout the blood and tissues quickly," so you get a very different result than if you were just drinking a tonic or knocking back a tablet.

Now that I know the power of the patch, I don't think I can be without it.

So shop now and feel better. Better than you have in a long time.

p.s. To make you feel even better Essential Patch donates a percentage of proceeds to select nonprofit organizations around the world.

Stephanie Dickison

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