Sabi - Simple & Stylish Storage Solutions for Your Vitamins

My fella and I take vitamins and supplements every day. I have worked on various systems over the years to keep all of the various bottles together and organized, but I've never been able to streamline it.

Until I found the wondrous Sabi. Then life became so much more organized. Which we both know means happier, less stressful, etc.

The truly awe-inspiring designs of the Vivacity line allow you to keep your meds and vitamins stored properly whether you're at home or on the road.

The Shake easy pill dispenser means that for those crazy mornings when you're still shimmying into your clothes while heading out the door and you've only got one free hand, you can still take your vitamins. And for those nights that you've got dinner finishing on the stove and the dryer buzzer is going, you can still shake out a vitamin. 

Of course, if your life is less chaotic than this one (let's just be honest - these scenarios are ones I live just about every day), who wouldn't rather pop the top and shake out their pills out of a sleek, modern, stylish bottle than have to unscrew an unsightly one from the pharmacy

It actually makes taking your vitamins and pills a whole lot more fun.

The Folio is the George Clooney of pill organizers. A handsome, dark cover flips open to reveal a BPA-free plastic container that stores two weeks of pills or a week, if you take some morning and night. A secure elastic band keeps them from ever falling out and scattering across the floor, and rounded sections makes it easy to retrieve your vitamins, even if you're on a cramped plane.

If vitamins, supplements or medication is a part of your life, your life will be so much better with Sabi in hand/ bag/luggage.

Shop Sabi now.

Stephanie Dickison

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