Hugrz Boot Wraps & Covers - Your Boots Just Got a Lot More Luxe

The calendar says it's spring, but where I live, the snow continues to fall. And though I've been itching to wear all of the new spring colours (corals, emeralds, pale pinks and deep blues), I've been mired in head-to-toe puffy coats and boots. 

I bought new tall leather boots this year because my old ones just couldn't take another winter. Already, they are completely spent. Despite treating them, then a month later polishing them, they still look gross. 

My short boots are doing all right, but I'm so tired of wearing them. I feel like I've been donning nothing else since November.

Le sigh.

So I went looking for a change. I didn't know how it was going to happen, just that I needed it to.

Thank god for Hugrz Boot Wraps & Covers.

These luxe, stylish accessories give new life/look to your boots and allow you to change up your style at a moment's notice. You simply slip them on over your existing boots and bam - you've got a whole new pair to enjoy for the rest of the season.

Hugrz are completely adaptable, so go ahead and pull 'em up or scrunch 'em down, wrap them with suede lacing (criss cross them like you would lacing up your ice skates) or simple band across the top.

Almost like a leg warmer worn over your boot, you not only get added style, but warmth.

I've been rockin' the Grooved Black Mink set, that although looks like real fur, is actually made of synthetic. Thick and insanely posh (you really will be convinced they're fur), these boot covers make me feel like I'm off to the Aspen Film Festival to hang out with Kurt, Goldie and the gang. How fitting as they're from the Aspen Collection, which includes 11 other styles to choose from. Be sure to also check out the 6 classics in the Bennington Collection and the 3 animal prints found in the Santa Fe Collection.

And that's the genius of this line - allowing you to rock your style, no matter whether you lean toward the punk rocker look or you want something more casual to accentuate your beat up Uggs.

Shop Hugrz Boot Wraps & Covers now and give new life to your old boots.

Stephanie Dickison

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