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Is it just me or is gift giving getting harder to do? It seems like everyone's got much of what they want and what they're still lusting after - boats, cars, vacations - you can't possibly give them.

However, birthdays and anniversaries still come and go and you've got to get something fabulous, but what?

Lucky for us, Gifts with Style has something for everyone. And they've made it extremely easy, thanks to their fantastic Shop By Occasion feature.

If you're looking for a stand-out home gift, this Bugatti Chrome Vera Kettle is simply stunning. And if you're shopping for an eco warrior, check out the uber-chic Bamboo Lexon Titanium Clock Radio

For those who want a little eye candy, this Ostrowski Design Modern Small Ring is fascinating. And if you are as obsessed with moving to New York as I am, you're going to need this and this.

To keep your tech stylin', this Blue Luxury Leather iPad Case is a must and for those who like to be surround by luxurous aromas, a Vintage Amber Boujies Scented Candle oughtta do it.

Me, I'm easy to shop for - I love everything Lexon. And Gifts with Style is festooned with the brand's gorgeous designs.

A great buy is the Lexon Take Time! by Mathieu Lehanneur (pictured above). This funky silicone rubber watch is available in 10 colours and thanks to it's inventive loop style, you can wear it a number of different ways - on your wrist, around a bag, from your belt loop, even hanging from your water bottle while you're at the gym!

Most people have a stodgy work watch, but how many have a fun, vibrant watch that stands out? I'm rockin' the red one and absolutely love it - it adds a pop of colour to my otherwise dreary wardrobe.

Shopping for friends and family (and hey, get yourself something while you're at it) just got a whole lot easier, thanks to the amazing Gifts with Style.

Stephanie Dickison

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