Alfa One Rice Bran Oil - Introduce Clean, Light Cooking to Your Kitchen

Canola, olive, avocado - I thought I had some pretty healthy, clean oils in my pantry, but it doesn't get much healthier than Alfa One Rice Bran Oil.

Created from the bran and germ in the husks of Thai rice, it has been a staple in Asia for decades, is the number one oil in New Zealand and can now be enjoyed right here in North America.

What I noticed right away is how light and clean it not only cooks, but tastes. See, for me this was a huge factor because I prefer to cook with oil, but I don't always want an oily finish. Whether you're baking, making a quick stir-fry or laboring over a multi-course dinner, having Alfa One Rice Bran Oil on hand means that none of the ingredients get lost in the taste of the oil.

It really is a multipurpose oil, thanks to its higher smoking point, so go ahead and broil and sear as you normally do. Low in viscosity, you'll find it thinner than your other go-to oils, but this is a good thin - it means that you'll use less and thus, consume less.

Go ahead and keep in it the cupboard - it's got a long shelf, due to natural antioxidants. But something tells me once you try it, you'll be using it more than any of your other oils. It's got lots of vitamin e, has more antioxidants than other oils, has no cholesterol and can actually help lower cholesterol, so naturally you'll want to let your folks try it too.

Finally, an oil that's healthy and not the least bit oily. Check out where to buy it near you and stock your cupboard.

Stephanie Dickison

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