Vil & Ood - Sustainable Shirts That Speak Volumes

I don't like wearing shirts with slogan or brands emblazoned on the front, but occasionally I discover a company whose words and message speak to me.

Vil & Ood is one such place.

This Canadian company led by Ahssan Moshref is on a mission to bring positive messages to the world. One amazing tee at a time.

I love that there is not just heart behind these wares, but that they are hand screen printed by the designer, using a water-based screen printing process that's environmentally friendly (no chemicals!). All designs are original - and thoughtful - and the shirts themselves are so comfy (American Apparel Sustainable Edition), all your other tees will feel left out.

Vil & Ood's Peace Shirt (pictured above) is 100% combed organic cotton and perhaps the most joyous thought you can envelop yourself in. The colour doesn't hurt either - a gorgeous blue that can only be found in the middle of warm lakes and at the edges of the night sky.

And while you might think a garment titled Rage is a negative thing, you obviously don't know V&O. These shirts are part of the Rebel Collection and meant to evoke thought and debate, to get you passionate about things, if you aren't already. With every purchase, 10% of sales goes to Amnesty International Canada. So while the top has a swear on it, it's there to wake you up and get the message across. 
That's the kind of swear I can get behind.

The handmade cards too, are extremely heartfelt. One expresses sorrow, many exude love and gratitude.

If you're going to wear a tee with a message, make it a good one. Make it a Vil & Ood.


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