Teva Jordanelle - The Most Essential Winter Accessory. Lucky for Us, They're Stylish Too.

It's expected that we're going to get a lot of snow this winter. And that means one thing and one thing only - those high heeled boots that you've been teetering around on, aren't going to help you one bit.

Honey, they are just not practical. But who says practical has to be boring? 

Not when you've got Teva at your side.

Teva specializes in shoes and boots - for men, women and kids - made to battle the harsh weather elements and rough terrain that have come to be a part of our daily lives. You don't have to be a mountain climber to need great footwear and even if you live in downtown Manhattan, you've got to deal with rain, sleet, snow and ice. You want to be prepared, but there's no way you're going to give up your great fashion sense, right?

These new fall/winter 2012 Teva Jordanelle (Chair 5 for the fellas) are all about protecting your your tender tootsies while looking stylin', like you're an actress at the Aspen Film Festival.

One of the most spectacular features of them is that they are half the weight of normal winter boots - which, if you're an avid walker as I am, means that you can travel 10 times farther without feeling weighed down. So go ahead and hit the farmer's market, walk 20 blocks up to that little bistro you like so much and then head over to the library, art gallery and wine store - trust me, you'll still have some energy left by the time you get home.

Another standout trait is that they crumple down to the size of a regular shoe, so you can actually travel with them without having to forgo half of your wardrobe because they fill up your entire suitcase. One of the hardest parts of traveling in winter is trying to pack everything you need to keep warm enough and not bring 12 suitcases with you. Now you can go skiing in Montreal and still bring all your cute outfits along for the trip.

What you will notice most about these beauties is that they are uber comfortable and so warm and toasty, that your feet feel enveloped in their own sleeping bags. No amount of snow, ice or wind can permeate these waterproof weather Fort Knoxes (I live in Canada, so I've been able to test them in every kind of weather and temperature and they have been impenetrable). I love the skate-type lacing that allows you to customize how tight you'd like to be bound in and the wicked grip on the bottom, so that while you might feel like you're putting your skates on, you won't slip and slide on the ice. They've even created a sole - white spider rubber, to be exact - that keeps your feet well above the ground, so you'll always have that pampered, swathed in complete warmth feel.

And as if that's not enough to sway you, a removable Thinsulate bootie plays double duty by keeping your feet warm at home - or the chalet. And they're so much cuter and cooler than those slippers you've been shuffling around in...

There are 3 colours to choose from - black, grey and beet red (I know you'll probably want to play it safe and get black or grey because it goes with everything, but I recommend the beet red - pictured above. It's what I got and I have got nothing but compliments on them ever since).

Look, we've got awhile to go before winter's over - why not enjoy it by keeping warm and looking good? Shop Teva now.

Stephanie Dickison

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