Isabelle Dunlop: Stunning Scarves & Jewlery That Will Rock Your World. And Wardrobe.

I fall for designers often and recently, I've fallen hard for Isabelle Dunlop - an amazingly talented Canadian designer who makes the most luxurious scarves and stop-in-your-tracks jewelry.

Her 100% Merino Wool Scarves (pictured above) are best worn as above, tied in a big bow. The super soft and warm wool will protect you from the cold, but the wavy edges and slightly open weave will keep you uber stylish whether you're simply running an errand or heading out for a night on the town. You may own a bunch of scarves, but if you're like me, you won't be able to keep your mitts off Isabelle's. I wear mine (a sumptuous blue grey) so much, I might as well sleep in it.

The other item you won't be able to live without is her key necklace, pictured on her Pinterest here and here. These Georgian keys are sometimes paired with other found items (mine was paired with a beautiful Indian rupee), and are the real deal. The key on my chain has real heft. And isn't it fascinating to wonder whose door it opened and what lay behind it? Antiques like this should always be worn and shown off. Especially when they've been carefully entwined onto a long chain such as this. Whether you're rocking one of your everyday tees or you're dressed to the nines in a teensy sheath, your clothes merely become the background when you wear this necklace.

Shop Isabelle Dunlop Clothing, Accessories & Jewelry now. But be warned, you'll be beguiled and enchanted beyond belief. For example, I can't stop thinking about this spectacular gold lace top.


Stephanie Dickison

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