The DYMO LabelManager 160 - This Label Maker Is a Game Changer

The busier life gets, the more organized you've got to be. And with back-to-school and back-to-work happening next week, you've got to be able to find everything at a moment's notice. And not to scare you, but there's not much of a break between after Labour Day and Christmas, so the more efficient you can be, the better.

That's why you've got to get yourself the Dymo's LabelManager 160.

Just think - not only can you finally file all of your papers away in the proper place (when you've got to locate your insurance papers in an instant, you'll know where they are for once), you can reorganize the kitchen (canisters marked "flour" and "sugar" makes baking cookies a heckuva lot easier) and get your kids set for school (each child gets their own lunch sac personalized and labeled, so no more morning squabbles).

Once you've got the  LabelManager 160 in hand, you'll notice how many things you'll want to tackle now:

-  I am going to redo my spice jar labels because my handwritten ones are hard to read ("cumin" looks like "capon," which doesn't make a lick of sense).
- Look at me creating new files for my finished projects as well as for new clients (my goal is to put every piece of paper away in a folder). How awesome is that. And I can read them because they're not handwritten (see point above. Also see my fiance Scott, who he has to read my shopping lists and love notes left on his desk and then often has to spend the morning deciphering them).
- I am also going to town on a bunch of banker boxes and magazine file boxes in my office so I don't have to open them to find out what's in them (every little bit helps).

I've even took my label maker into the bedroom and labeled boxes and baskets inside the closet (again, no more wasted time having to take them down and check the contents to know what's where) and into the hall closet (shoe boxes now call out their fabulous contents).

If I had kids, I'd be labeling them head to toe - lunch boxes, binders, knapsacks, clothing baskets... everything.

What's amazing is that you don't have to be put in a driver disc or go through a big setup, you can just start using it. See, it's got a QWERTY keyboard, just like your computer, so you can type away as you would an email or Word document. Easy peasy. 

And you can stylize your label with hot keys that allow you to change the font size, direction and whether you want it underlined, boxed, italized or bold with one simple click. Sweet.

This little wonder also allows you to preview what your label looks like before printing, select your size of label (1 label cassette is included - 1/2" x 10'), choose your font (from 8) and add a symbol or clip art image (228 to choose from).

And why be tethered to your desk if you don't want to be - use 6 AAA batteries and take your DYMO with you around the house/office/cottage/workshop/retreat. Or save on batteries and use an optional AC-adapter if you're working in one spot.

DYMO labels are amazingly easy to peel and apply - they come with a slit down the middle on the back so you never have to worry about spending 5 minutes trying to get the backing off like so often happens with labels.

This great l'il label maker is incredibly comfortable to hold on and use. Despite it being bigger than your cellphone, it's actually easier to use. How 'bout that?

And here's the best part - it's just $34.99, so you can organize and personalize your gear, no matter what your budget.

Just one piece of advice - don't label the cat. He won't like it.

Stephanie Dickison

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