Mondor - It's Time to Start Thinking About Cute Tights

Have you noticed how it's cooling down in the evenings? Yep, fall is just around the corner, so you should start thinking about what you'll need for the season.

One of the best ways to stretch out your wardrobe is tights - they allow you to wear your spring and summer frocks all year 'round - and one of my favourite lines is Mondor.

Because a large portion of their products are made for gymnasts, ballerinas, figure skaters and other high performance sports, you get that same attention to detail and huge comfort factor in their style line. So for those of you who hate wearing tights because they pull and dig, see how well-constructed and comfortable Mondor Tights are, compared to what you're used to. I certainly felt the difference right away - they're stretchy yet not saggy in the knees, feet or crotchitorial area; they have elastane (read: spandex) in them, but they're never binding or painful, so you can sit, eat and dance all in immense comfort

There's a tremendous selection, so if you need tights for work as well as weekend brunches, late night dinners and everything in between, Mondor's got you covered.  You can also see some of their selection at the Nata Boutique as well. They are extremely on trend and fashion forward so if your style is boho chic, extreme fashionista or office appropriate, you'll find something that appeals. And then 10 more...

This season, I'm going to be rocking the ultra cool Mondor Chic Chic Metallic Lurex in Dark Purple (pictured above, in white). And despite their luxe look, you would not believe how stretchy and bendy and soft and pajama-comfy they are - I'll be doing my restaurant reviews in them, teaching my workshops in them and going to some wonderful fabulous events in them. In fact, they're so comfortable, you might just want to swap out your yoga pants for these at your next class....

Tights are fabulous - and I think essential - for the upcoming seasons: put them under skirts and dresses to extend your summerwear and don them under pants for extra warmth during those blistery cold days.

Shop Mondor Tights now (find a retailer near you or shop Nata's Online Boutique) and be warm - and stylish - as soon as the temperature drops.

Stephanie Dickison

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