Flavorlopes - Suddenly Sending Snail Mail is a Delicious Task

I send a lot of mail. The old-fashioned kind with return address labels, stamps purchased at the post office and an insane amount of hand-selected stationery. Letters, cards and postcards make their way to friends and family and business papers (invoices, proposals, etc.) to my clients and employers, because many of us are not paperless yet (the only person I know that is, is my fella Scott, the smartest person I know).

So I was excited to learn about Flavorlopes, the only flavoured envelopes on the market.

Co-Founder Chris Dunbar came up with the idea after stuffing envelopes for awhile (you know how gross that can get) and his wife worked with their designer to come up with a boutique stationery line and holiday flavours.

The boutique stationery includes thick, textured cards and matching envelopes, suitable for both business and personal correspondence and the Variety Pack of #10 Envelopes makes the chore of invoicing a lot more pleasurable.

I was surprised by how smooth it was the lick the envelope - no bumping or sticking like usual - and then of course, by the flavour. It's not that imitation flavour that I was expecting, but a rich-full-bodied one, like juice. I enjoyed the grape immensely and hope that the Dunbars will bottle the orange one day. Apple has the perfect balance of sour and sweet and the strawberry (pictured above) is so subtle and sexy that you'll have to be careful not to eat the envelope... 

I didn't get to try the holiday flavours, but something tells me that the chocolate, gingerbread and candy cane are equally as fun and delicious.

Get yourself Flavorlopes and savor every moment, including sending in your bill payment, letter to your ex, and everything in between.

Stephanie Dickison

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