Proraso Shaving Products - Not Just for the Fellas! At Least Not at My House...

I had never heard of the very famous Proraso, makers of exquisite Italian shaving products, before.

Founded in Florence by centennial company Ludovico Martelli (1908), these products were originally designed for professional barbers and have been customized for use at home. There is everything that you need to get a great shave includes pre-shaving cream, soaps and foams.

They have a classic Green Line and their White Line was designed with those with sensitive skin in mind. And while these are made for fellas, there's nothing says that us ladies can't use them. After all, who doesn't want impossibly smooth legs without nicks, cuts and bumps?

Which is why when I saw Prosaro Liquid Cream After Shave with green tea, vitamin E and extracts of oat and thyme, I took it from my fella's medicine cabinet (I'll make it up to you) and put some on after shaving my legs. 

This amazing balm cools your skin instantly and has a wonderful fresh, sunny, floral fragrance that I'm already completely addicted to. I was surprised at how moisturizing it was, not just upon application, but hours later. In fact, my legs felt more hydrated than with some of my actual body lotions and moisturizers!

I've put Prosaro Liquid Cream After Shave back with my guy's stuff. But don't be surprised if you come over and find it in my medicine cabinet or bedside table. This is too good not to share!

Hmm, now I want to try their Shaving Cream too...

Proraso products contain no parabens, SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), mineral oil or silicone and are distributed by Bella Vita and are available in fine pharmacies and health food stores.

Stephanie Dickison

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