Envelop Your iPhone or Beats Headphones in Enchanting Handmade Lazerwood Covers

I bet that your iPhone is swaddled in a plastic case right now. First of all, do you really want that plastic right up against your face like that? And secondly, you could do soooo much better than that cheap plastic. Come and see what I mean:

The warm, luxe look of wood veneer does not have to end within the walls of your home. Now you have have it right next to you and in fact, accessorize with it and wear it.

Lazerwood covers accentuate your iPhone 4, 4S and Beats Headphones with their wicked designs and real wood veneer. The wood pieces are thinner than scalloped potato slices and have a rich grain that is showcased in each piece. They're freakin' gorgeous. And affordable.

I am smitten by their Artist Series that offers up delectables like Lisa Lee's Liselle in Cherry and ATTAK's Loose Lips in Black Cherry. I got the cutest little Beavor by Beavory (pictured above) which makes me smile everytime I look at it. how can you not fall for a beaver in sneakers?! And the artistry is phenomenal. You can see and feel each individual hair on l'il Beav!

Each cover is handmade and precision-cut to fit each gadget and can be made to feature your own design or logo. You can even get wholesale orders done if you like!

I think Lazerwood is a fantastic way to not just cover up your iPhone and Beats Headphones, but style it up right!

Shop Lazerwood now.

Stephanie Dickison

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