Celebrate the Year of the Dragon with Passage Food Sauces

I crave Chinese food a lot, but I find that I can never duplicate the flavours at home, no matter how hard I try.

So I stopped trying.

I try not to buy packaged sauces because of the high salt/sugar/ingredients-I can't-pronounce-content, but anytime that I attempt to do them from scratch at home, it is always disappointing.

Passage Foods International Cooking Sauces saves the day, as they always do (I've written about their Thai, Moroccan and Chinese sauces before). Their Black Bean Stir-Fry Sauce gives my homemade pork, slices of chicken or cut up Chinese Broccoli that instant oomph that is always missing from my own creations.

I appreciate that I can just tear open the pouch, pour over my dish, heat through and serve. No mixing, no blending, just dinner on the table in a few minutes. Ahh, that's more like it!

Stock your cupboard with Passage Foods International Cooking Sauces and satiate your cravings without having to go out and spend a ton on dinner.

Stephanie Dickison

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