Natural & Gluten Free Passage Foods Simmer Sauces Are Ready in 20 Mins!

As much as I love to spend time pouring through cookbooks and creating new dishes at the stove, my life doesn't always allow that kind of leisure.

But that doesn't mean that I want to sacrifice health and good taste when it comes to making dinner.

A fantastic solution for busy folks is Passage Foods Simmer and Stirfry Sauces.  

In 2008, they introduced Passage to India, Australia's #1 brand of simmer sauce in the Indian category, to the US market. Now they have a new range of Passage to Thailand Simmer Sauces that I think you're going to be pretty excited by!

I got to try their Red Thai Curry and Thai Basil and Sweet Chili and was so pleased at the depth of them. What I mean by that is - many packaged sauces have one taste. But Passage to Thailand Simmer Sauces were rich and developed in both heat and flavour. That's due to using natural, real ingredients such as Basil Puree, Onion, Fish Sauce Powder that you're familiar with and that you can actually pronounce. 

So instead of spending an hour prepping for a sauce from scratch, you can count on Passage Foods Simmer and Stirfry Sauces to give you the intense flavour that you want without all of the harmful ingredients.

I tossed the Thai Basil & Sweet Chili with noodles, chicken and prawns and simmered the Red Thai Curry with firm fish and vegetables. It's much cheaper than going out and ordering in, and thanks to the easy steps - pour, simmer and serve - I was able to throw together a quick, nutritious dinner in about 20 minutes and give into my craving for Thai.

Look, I understand the desire to want to cook something from scratch every night. I know, because I want to too

But time doesn't always allow for it.

So for those times in between, know you can rely Passage Foods Simmer and Stirfry Sauces to give you the great flavours you want without all of the goop that comes with most packaged sauces.

And hey, guess what? 

Dinner's ready!

Stephanie Dickison

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