Boot Rescue Wipes - Your BFF This Winter

Since the temperatures have really dropped in this part of the country, I took out my boots this week. My most beloved pair -  black suede with wedge heels and burnished gold trim - was lined along the bottom with salt. Even after all that time, Boot Rescue wipes erased the salt and they are back to looking their fabulous selves!

I love that the ingredients in the wipe is all-natural and all you have to do is give your boots a quick swipe when you get in from the rain, sleet and snow to keep them looking new.

Eack affordable pack contains 15 wipes so they'll last you a week or two in very bad weather and longer if it's just simply cold out.

I'm not going to lie - I have a bunch of beautiful boots and  booties that I wear depending on the weather and my outfit (the hall closet is kind of a boot closet...). And now, thanks to Boot Rescue, whether I'm rocking my tall grey suede boots or towering black leather booties or griege peep-toe wedges, they'll always look stunning.

Just because it's winter doesn't mean your boots can't look amazing.

Get a bunch of Boot Recue Packs now and have your boots for many seasons to come!


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