Treat Yourself to Berry Allure's Incredible Chocolate Covered Delicacies

Why have a regular chocolate bar when you can indulge in Berry Allure's Chocolate Covered Delicacies by DOTI US, Inc.?

This family-owned company from Poland creates chocolate-covered fruit and nuts. But not just any ol' kind. Nothing ordinary about these.

We're talking the good stuff here, the impressive stuff - Chocolate Covered Gooseberries, Cocoa Dusted Chocolate Covered Strawberries and  Chocolate Covered Blackcurrants, to mention just a few.

Chocolate and fruit has been done before, but not like this. Dark Chocolate Covered Orange Peel is the perfect offering at the end of your dinner party while you serve coffee. And award-winning pastry chef and chocolatier Rikke Gryber's Rowanberry in Dark Chocolate pairs beautifully with wines, cheese and Amarone.

There is so much to choose from juicy and ripe sour cherries, strawberries, gooseberries, black currants, ginger pieces, chunks of rhubarb and orange peel are "candied and dipped in luscious chocolate. Our carefully selected nuts, be they cashews, hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts or brazil nuts, are tenderly roasted before their chocolate bath in order to bring out their amazing aroma, taste and crunchy texture."

Oh my.

And while Berry Allure's Chocolate Covered Delicacies are indeed decadent, they are somewhat healthy as they use good chocolate and they are filled with vitamin packed fruits and nuts.

If you are going to have chocolate, why not have the good stuff?

Stephanie Dickison

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