Envelop Yourself In Gorgeous Handcrafted Scents from D.S. & Durga

Want something a little different to wear this season?

D.S. & Durga offers handcrafted perfumes and colognes, made in small batches.  But it's a little more intimate than that. See, D.S. and Durga are two people who craft, bottle, box and label everything themselves, so you get a real old-world kind of feel to their work.

Inspired by "antiquated herbal wisdom, native ritual medicine, Americana, outdated lore, geography, history and gastronomy," these are deep scents that reach back into history and come out with a modern edge.

Take Cowgirl Grass, for instance. It's an earthy scent for the fellas, but I like the leathery manly tangle of vetyver, sagebrush, damask rose and tuberose. So much so that I'm wearing it. Because it's not too hefty for a lass like myself to wear.  It smells of old books, wool sweaters and booksmart gents, which makes me happy from head to toe, though it's probably more of an ode to Cowboys and Indians, I imagine.

Silent Grove is one of the most original fragrances I've ever come across and one of my favourite of all time, all fragrances. This one's for us ladies, and thank goodness, because I cannot get enough of this one.  Linden, cedar, lotus and white tea coalesce into a modern spring day at the park, a bright breeze off the lake and a night up at the cottage. It makes me want to do a cartwheel, which I can't manage in the least, but I might be spurred on simply by the joy D.S. & Durga have captured and bottled. 

Osmanthus Cologne embodies the floral colognes that were worn by men until WWII. You'll be surprised by how light and enticing classic cologne water - citrus, orange blossom, rosemary and lavender - pairs with rare Australian osmanthus flower is. Yep, us girls are going to be scooping  this one up too.

The names of these fragrances are as fresh and unique as the blends themselves, so do the smart thing and shop the entire D.S. & Durga Collection now.

Stephanie Dickison

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