Keep Your Socks On With Hot Paws

It's been on of the coldest winters in history. And since we've still got a couple months left, you've really got to bundle up.

One on the best ways I know how is with Hot Paws.

Their Thermal insulating socks (cotton blend) lock in the the warmth and keep the cold out. Way out.

You know those nights that you just can't seem to warm up no matter how many cups of tea you have? Hot Paws work every time.

I like that they have a snug fit - they're tight enough to keep you warm without suffocating you, yet there's no chance of them slouching halfway down your ankle like those ones you got at the drugstore.

And while they feel comfortable and make you feel toasty from head to toe, you don't have to worry about being too hot or feeling like your feet can't breathe like those crazy grey camping socks from the 50s.

Hot Paws also offers Gloves & Mitts, Headwear, Base Layers and Hand & Toe Warmers for the whole family - men, women and kids - at really affordable prices. So enjoy the rest of the season in complete comfort and warmth.

The Hot Paws Collection is available at department stores, mass retail stores and pharmacies across the country. Pricing for the line begins at $6.00.

Stephanie Dickison

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