Winter Best Bet: eos Smooth Sphere Organic Lip Balm

I have always had chronically dry lips.

So when it comes to lip balms, I have to be honest - very little helps for the long term. Sure, I'll swath something on and it'll feel really good, but half an hour later, my lips are parched and flaky again.

Not so with eos Smooth Sphere Organic Lip Balm - I put it on first thing in the morning and my lips are beautiful and supple ALL DAY LONG.

Seriously, where have you been all my life, eos?

First of all, I love that you don't have to use your fingers at all to apply it - just hold it up to your lips and swipe it across. Done! You'll especially love this feature when it's -10 degrees outside!

Shea butter, vitamin E and jojoba oil keep the moisture locked down and in. There's no paraben, petrolatum, phthalate or gluten to worry about here, and it's 95% organic, 100% natural.

There are 5 variations to choose from. I'm rockin' the Medicated Tangerine, which has the addition of zinc and vitamin C and helps to prevent bacterial contamination. Nice.

Because it goes on clear and smooth, I use it on its own, as well as a primer for gloss and lipstick. 

This is one of those items that once you use, you just won't use anything else.

Buy it online or find out where to get it near you.

Stephanie Dickison

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