Your Home and Office Just Isn't Complete Without Socket Sense Surge Protector!

We live in an older building, so we have very few sockets to work with.

It wasn't an issue when we moved in, but over the years, we've added to our technology tenfold, so now the sockets are all used up.
We bought some extension cords to try and remedy the problem, but have you seen the plugs that come with computers nowadays?  Everything has got a power adapter.

So our extension cords barely made a difference because we'd have to skip a socket in order to make our power adapters fit onto the strip.

Thank goodness for the ingenious Socket Sense Surge Protector!

It has many features to love:

First of all, you can expand or contract the movable sockets (6 outlets) to suit your needs. So, no matter how tight a fit you've got in behind that bookshelf or below your desk, you can manage you technology for once with ease - and only using one strip, instead of the usual 2 or 3!

The 6-foot cord  (or 3 or 12 foot) gives you the leeway you need to get in, around and under your furniture and you can organize your cables easily between each movable socket.  Which I appreciate as we've got old pieces mixed in with new, so it's tight back there! Keyhole slots allow you to mount it on the wall if you like (we're not that fancy, but kudos if you are!).

The surge protection offers you 2100 Joules of protection (a lot), which is great, considering both Scott and I had our computers going as well as all the other stuff (printer, Xbox, stereo, phones) and our power has gone off 3 times in the last month.

Which is why you'll be pleased to have the Status LEDs. Red and green indicators allow you to see the status immediately of the surge and ground.

Socket Sense is guaranteed to fit any power adapter on the market, or your money back.

I think every household should have at least one of these. 
And if you're house is like ours, you'll want at least a couple.

Stephanie Dickison

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