Discover the Most Stunning Jewelry by Philippa Roberts

"Oh my!" I exclaimed when I opened the box.

Beneath my fingers lay the most exquisite, delicate jewelry by Philippa Roberts.

It's the kind of jewelry that seems understated at first, but is completely and utterly breathtaking up close.

Her different collections show her range in use of colour, materials and textures.  Just look at Butter, Dusk and Delight are. Many designers get stuck in one solitary look, but Phillppa has really shown that she can work in a number of ways.

All of them so beautiful.

She works in both gold and silver and uses pearls and  semi-precious stones to create texture and shape.  But she has this unbelievable touch.

Check out the gorgeous Beach Collection that arrived on my doorstep:

You can't tell how finely crafted these Eclipse in Vermeil Earrings are by the picture. And the size too. They are a medium size, so they stand out without being ostentatious.


I don't normally wear gold (blonde hair, pinkish skin), but this gold isn't the bright stuff that your parents wear. This is muted, almost brushed, giving it a modern look and feel. I feel fantastic in this gold!

I wore the Ruffled Circle in Vermeil with Apatite, Chalcedony and Aqua Necklace the first day it arrived. It was the last meeting of our book club and I was wearing an ocean blue dress. I saw the necklace and thought how pretty it would look with it.

Oh, the compliments! Again, it is Philippa's tremendous talent that allows you to wear such delicate pieces and yet make a statement. I love the warbly gold ring and the pale sea-coloured stones are so peaceful. I like that it's different but not too out there. 

And the ultimate compliment? I met my fella afterwards and he said how pretty my necklace was. You know it's good when...

I have been looking for decades for a bracelet like the Double Chalcedony  Bracelet (pictured above).
The soft look of the stones finished a gold ring clasp, done in a similar fashion to the necklace and earrings, makes it such a exquisite addition to your outfit.  And unlike most bracelets that droop and run up and down my arm, I put it on and it fit perfectly.


I could go on and on, but I think you probably want to go and get yourself some of Philippa Roberts Jewelry.

Stephanie Dickison

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