Take Your Dinner Party Up a Notch with Japanese Cocktails

I have always loved Japanese culture.

I studied it for about 10 years back in the day and still immerse myself in it whenever I can - yesterday my Dad and I went to the Japan Foundation's Winter Garden Show and right now I'm halfway through a great book about modern Japanese women.

Now I am completely obsessed with Yuki Kato's Japanese Cocktails: Mixed Drinks with Sake, Shochu, Whisky & More.

Cocktail expert Yuri Kato shows you how to find the key ingredients to these most original concoctions in this richly illustrated guide. Even if you've never tried any of the spirits mentioned in the book before, Yuri guides you with engaging, informative and entertaining tips on how to make these exhilarating cocktails. And as a bonus, you'll learn about Japan's rain season, why the Japanese are so smitten with baseball and the oldest Japanese cocktail.

The names alone are priceless (Butter of the Forest, Zen Milk Bath and Meet Me at Hachiko) but you'll see that these libations are completely accessible - you can absolutely make them at home!

I am going to be hosting a lot of dinner parties in the next few months and you'd better believe that I'm going to rock the hell outta this little book!

I simply cannot wait to wow the crowd with Love Hotel, Tokyo Sidecar, Aloe Margarita and many, many more.

Ooh, I'm excited!

In fact, I think I'm going to start working on the menus to match right now...

Stephanie Dickison

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