Relax & Unwind With Real Music

I have written about Real Music before because they specialize in music that calms and nutures you - and couldn't you use a lot more of that in your life right now?

Their artists use the power of music to relax and renew you. The music is used by many people in the spa and wellness industries as well as music therapists, so you know it's going to do both your mind and body good!

Take Mike Howe's new album Round River, debuting July 13.

It is an instrumental journey that speaks of Mike's commitments to the beauty of nature, sustainability and the importance of preserving our world. The album's title takes its name from Aldo Leopold's metaphor for ecology - the mythical river that was not linear but circular, forever flowing around and back into itself.

The gentle guitar plucks release themselves into your tense joints, hunched shoulders and slowly work their magic and put you in a relaxed state.

Trust me - I was panicking about an approaching deadline and "Cadair Idris" put me right again.

Have trouble sleeping? Listen to "Nightfall" and you'll be soothed in no time.

Their really is something to be said about the power of music. See for yourself with Real Music.

Stephanie Dickison

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