Looking for a Stress-Free Life? Natural Calm and Real Life Music Will Help!

I am always looking for ways to improve the way I live and for me, it always comes down to trying to reduce stress and spend more time and energy on the things that are important to me.

It's a delicate juggling act that I try to balance each and every day, thought not every day is a success. These things below help. I hope they'll help you too!

Warmest wishes

Stephanie Dickison
Publisher & Editor - the knack

Natural Calm

Thank goodness for Natural Calm. I don't know about you, but I can think of a bazillion instances this days when it would come in handy!

I used Natural Calm's Raspberry Lemon for the first time just before my book launch a couple of weeks ago. It's funny - I can speak to a crowd of 1,000 people, but the thought of having to do a speech and read from my book for the first time in front of dear friends and family made me nervous. I didn't want to do anything drastic like take Valium or have one too many cocktails, but I knew I needed something to help take the edge off.

Natural Calm uses magnesium to help calm your nerves NATURALLY! This is one of those products that once you find and try, you latch onto and tell everyone you know about it, because it's that amazing, it's that transforming.

This tasty supplement dissolves in water and makes a refreshing drink.

I'm not saying that you have to use it each and every day, but in those instances where you feel you need a little back up, a little settling of your mind and your nerves, you can count on Natural Calm to get you back to your regular self.


Real Music

As a music critic, I know the incredible power of music. It can get me up outta my office chair in the middle of deadlines or bring back memories that otherwise remain forgotten - a restaurant for a boy's birthday a decade ago, where rain ran down the windows and we fell in love.

Recently though, I've been craving music to relax me, to soothe me, to take away the stress and strains of the day. It's not that I'm going through anything so awful, but I'm scattered and unfocused. I feel like I just need to steal away moments throughout the day to set myself right.

And I want to do it with music that I can relax and drift away with.

I found TONS OF IT at Real Music!

And as the company says, their albums "are crafted to bring you to a place of balance and harmony. At first listening, the music may simply wash away daily stresses, but regular listening can build a sense of peace you can maintain and carry with you always as you go about your days."

Can you say that about your current relaxation collection?

Take Bernward Koch's Gentle Spirit, for example. The soft plinky, plunky sounds of piano make for a serene landscape in which to lose yourself and let the stress just melt away. And Gandalf's Sanctuary, as with all the titles at Real Music contains patterns that actually stimulate your body to relax! I found Sancutary's guitar melodies surprisingly uplifting and joyful. Kevin Kern's Endless Blue Sky really has heart and yet is gentle enough that you can leave it on throughout your day and not feel overwhelmed by it. It just melts into your subconscious and while you go about doing your things, it reaches into your body and allows you to let go of whatever burdens you are carrying with you.

For a really deep relaxation, you've got to give Liquid Mind IX Lullaby a go! There is actually a warning label on this one - "Use care when operating vehicles or dangerous machinery. MAY CAUSE DROWSINESS!" - so you know it's going to ease your mind and body! This is great if you have trouble falling asleep or letting go of all that mind chatter of to-do lists and errands to run.

My favourite has got to be the Sacred Spa Music Series 2 that contains 3 CDs - Contentment, Finding Balance and Journey to Wellness. This collection can be played while you are working or as an antidote to your working day, if that's what you are in need of.

What I love most about Real Music is that they know the power of music and all the benefits that go along with it. They have not only created music that sounds relaxing - it acutally is programmed to MAKE you relax!

Which is fantastic, because these days I can use all the help I can get!

Stephanie Dickison

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