Hide Your Valuables in Style with Poke n' Stuffem Handmade Lovelies!

At first glance, you might think they are awfully strange looking.

But Poke n' Stuffem, lovingly handmade creatures made by Rachel, are heartwarming little guys that will win you over with their soft, cushy goodness and individuality.

And just like you, there are no two alike. You've gotta love a completely original and that makes them an especially tremendous gift, don't you think?

They are "made by hand paying special attention to detail, with some help from the sewing machine. Because they are hand-made there is a possibility of some imperfections which only adds to their individual character."

There are different lovable kinds to get, or adopt.

There are Monsters, Tame Ones, Shameless and On the Loose, each with their own purpose and design.

Monsters come with their own pocket so that you can hide your valuables, or simply have it hold onto your remote as it keeps you company on the couch. If you don't want a pocket with yours, you'll want a Tame One.

My little guy is so darn cute, don't be surprised if you start to tote yours around the house with you. His name is "The Three Stare Bear" (or as I call him, TSB for short) and his tag says:

"What's that peeking out behind the bush? Oh it's just the lovable, cuddleable, cutesy, tootsie, mutant bear. All three eyes on you, you dirty bear."

TSB is a warm milk chocolate colour with the tiniest threads of silver. He has 2 yellow felt eyes and an orange one, finished with brown buttons and a yellow "xxx" mouth. He has an orange tail and kind of looks like a version of a teddy you might have had as a kid, but with a handmade, soft-edged futuristic twist.

And he is insanely soft. So soft that you may just wanna rub him all over your body.

But don't - that's bear abuse!

There isn't one on the Poke n' Stuffem site that resembles him (I told you they are completely one-of-a-kind!), so I photographed TSB (picture above) so that you can see how amazing he is.

Don't you want one of each design?

Me too!

Thank you, Rachel, for creating these fun-loving little guys. They are a real treasure, as are you.

Order a bunch of 'em now.

Stephanie Dickison

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