Flip Out For These Amazing Clocks From Little Clock Shop!

We have had the same alarm clocks for what seems like forever - my fella had his long before I came along, and the one I have, my Dad bought me for my 12th or 13th birthday.

It was time for an upgrade.

I found the most fun and innovative clocks at Little Clock Shop. And there is so much to choose from...

I love the Bomba Alarm Clock (pictured above -available May 20th). The picture on the website just does not do it justice!

Designed by Wil van den Bos, this cool modern, yet retro mechanical wonder adds style to any room (I think it will look just as swank in the boardroom as well as the bedroom!). Highlighted by blueish LED lights for a dramatic effect (you can dim them or turn them off - a nice touch, don't you think?), the gears on the right spin slowly so that you have not only a clock, but a sculpture and installation. The weighted base means that no matter how many times you turn off the alarm, your clock will stay right where it is.

Which is way more than your old clock did for you, am I right?

And I am absolutely over the moon for the Giant Flip Clock.

It's modernity and urban feel makes me feel at great ease, while it's retroness makes me long for old train stations and black and white movies.

Although it's big (13" x 5" x 4") it's quiet, which you'll greatly appreciate while you're working away. You can mount it on the wall or put it right up there on your desk. Just think, you'll never miss a deadline again, with this puppy in hand! And you don't have to worry about one more plug to add to your overworked outlet. It operates on one D-size battery (not included), which means you can keep time tickin' along AND power up your phone, mp3 player, computer, etc.

That's what I call great design. And all at prices that you can actually afford.

I used to think of clocks as a regular, gotta have it kind of thing. Now, thanks to Little Clock Shop, I see them as works of art.

See the most amazing selection of clocks at Little Clock Shop and update your home/office in an instant!

Stephanie Dickison

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