Change the Way You Write With the PenAgain!

One of the best finds I've ever come across is the PenAgain.

As a sufferer from writer's cramp (in fact, that's the name of my freelance writing business) and carpal tunnel syndrome, my handwriting over the years has gone from not so bad to barely legible. Even my Mom can't read what I've written on the cards I send her!

That's why I was over the moon to discover the PenAgain!

It takes all the pressure off that comes with writing. See, regular, conventional pens rely on the strength of your grip - something I don't have much left of, so I can only write for short amounts of time.

However, with PenAgain, because it has a "Y" formation, your hand can relax and rather than gripping it, you simply guide it along. There is a ergonomic finger cradle that is ultra comfortable and surprisingly, not at all hard to get used to.

Ahhh... complete relief!

The PenAgain has completely changed how - and how much - I write. At this rate, I could do 3 books in a year!

And of course you don't have to have arthritis or carpal tunnel to make the switch to PenAgain. You can make the change simply because it makes sense to have a more comfortable pen. And you don't have to be a full-time writer like myself, to benefit from it. Whether you're an accountant or you simply journal before bed, this pen is going to change the way you write!

I got the ErgoSof PenAgain in Blue, which features a soft-touch coating that adds to the comfort factor and comes with 2 bonus refills. It works, whether your left- or right-handed. It is retractable, which means I can carry it in my purse, and it's 30% shorter than most pens, which means it will even fit into the smallest of clutches! And it's completely affordable, so you can make the switch without it leaving a dent in your pocketbook. And with those 2 extra refills, it's going to last you a very, very long time.

I've made the revolutionary switch to a more comfortable pen - how about you?

Stephanie Dickison

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