Bring Spring Indoors with Spa Sisters NEW Aromatherapy Room Sprays!

Now that Spring has truly arrived, it's time to tackle those dusty corners, piles of papers and let the warm breeze indoors.

One of the best ways I've found to keep the house smelling fresh and clean is with the Spa Sisters NEW Room Sprays.

I love that they are all natural, made with essential oils and includes "absolutely no harsh chemicals or synthetic preservatives (we promise!)." That means that they are safe to use around animals (our cat thanks us with a hearty rub on our shin) and we can have little ones over without the worry of synthetic fragrances hanging in the air.


The sleek stainless steel bottles are oh-so-modern and don't take up a lot of room on your counters like so many others have. The spray nozzle lets out just enough so that you don't overpower the room, or yourself, which is nice.

The scents are fresh and clean and linger just long enough to freshen the room without leaving a cloud behind or a scent that never dissipates.

There are a number of great fragrances to choose from - Citrus Sorbet, Tangerine Spice, Rosemary Mint, Key Lime, and Lavender. I tried Citrus Sorbet, which has that wonderful "just cleaned floor smell" and Rosemary Mint, which is revitalizing and energizing.

These wonderful all-natural room sprays might not be able to tackle that huge mess in the garage, but at least it will smell nice! And the scents will rejuvenate you, which may help you when you get to those piles of papers you've been putting off going through since December...

Spring clean with Spa Sisters NEW Aromatherapy Room Sprays.

Stephanie Dickison

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