Murchison-Hume Cleaners are Eco Fabulous!

Chances are that you're looking to switch over your home cleaners for ones that are more environmentally sound.

If you want to cleanest and best smelling house on the block, go get yourself some from Murchison-Hume.

Seriously, people will come by just to get a whiff of your place.

These truly luxe cleaners will fill your house up with the most incredible fragrances! No need for room fresheners! Just spray, wipe, clean and now you not only have a clean home but a beautiful, fragrant one.

We had the neighbours over for drinks on Thursday night, so I wanted the place looking good. My fella was bartender and I sat back, enjoying the compliments on how nice our apartment looked and smelled.

Really, I hadn't done much of anything for once in terms of cleaning. Murchison-Hume should take the credit.

Our all white bathroom, while it doesn't sparkle, is always clean. This is because I clean it every day. If I don't, the combined hair of me, my fella and our big orange cat takes over. But never has it been as clean, sparking or as fragrant as with "Boy's Bathroom" Cleaner.

In fact, it looked and smelled so good, I practically pulled all the neighbours in to see how it can look.

And not only does it clean without harsh chemicals or fumes, all it takes is a quick spray and wipe and suddenly, your sink, tub, tiles and toilet look brilliant, instead of slightly clean, like usual.

And unlike other cleaners that just get the surface area, this cleaner "discourages mould growth and elminated odours by neutralising the proteins that feed bacteria." So it works well after you've cleaned. Which is important, because who wants to spend their life cleaning the bathroom?

Not me.

And the incredible Australian White Grapefruit scent is simply magical. If you find yourself WANTING to clean the bathroom, you know who to call to complain... (there is a fragrance free version, but seriously, why would you with this intoxicating scent?!)

And with me in the kitchen all the time, you've got to know that I'm going through a ton of "Counter Intelligence" Food Safe Surface Spray. It gets everything clean and gets rid of germs as well, all while being non-flammable and non-toxic, which means that if our cat gets snoopy around the counters, he won't get sick.

And at first I was wondering about the scent - Coriander? Hmm, I'm not sure about that. After all, if I'm going to be cooking, I don't want any food smells on top of what I'm making. But I should have known better. Murchison-Hume creates such high quality products that they wouldn't make a scent I wouldn't love.

And I looooove the Coriander scent! Now I'm cleaning up after I've just made a cuppa tea or warmed up some soup - just to take in that fresh and vibrant aroma. That's how you know it's amazing.

For my clothes, I'm keeping "Original" Garment Groom close at hand, so that I can refresh our clothes without having to schlep them off to the dry cleaners every few days. Which, with all the restaurants and book club functions, I've got going on, my dresses are taking quite the beating - there's the stain from the steak pepper kew from 2 weeks ago and I've worn that black number a couple of times now: it needs a little rejuvenation.

And for the jobs that require a little more cleaning than just a mere spritz, I'm using "Luxury" Laundry Soak. You can soak your clothes without having to do any rigourous rinsing and have them feel squeaky clean. I use it not just on my "delicates" but anything that I don't trust to the washing machine and things like my scarves, tote bags and even my hats!

And you should know by know that both these products MAKE EVERYTHING SMELL AMAZING - your clothes, your room, the whole house!

There are a bunch more products available. And I plan on trying EVERY SINGLE ONE OF 'EM.

After all, I get not just a clean house without chemicals, but a beautiful smelling one.




Susan T said...

Where oh where can I get these in England?



gottheknack said...

Hi Sue,

Many thanks for your great question!

I have asked the company and will let you know as soon as I hear back from them.

Many thanks and warmest wishes,

Stephanie Dickison
Publisher & Editor - the knack


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