Special Report: The Franklin Covey Series Part V - Julie Morgenstern Planner Pages

This is the last Monday of my 5-part series dedicated to Franklin Covey's amazing, life-changing products.

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This week, I am absolutely delighted to be able to share with you my discovery of Julie Morgenstern's Planning Pages.

I had read Julie's books Time Management from the Inside Out and Never Check E-mail in the Morning and got a lot out of them.

This woman knows what she's talking about.

From her many years as a professional organizer, she clearly has a handle on how to ease someone into getting organized without overwhelming them.

I mean, you don't want a whole new way of thinking, you just want a place to put it all.

Her system, Julie Morgenstern Planning Pages include 12 Wire-Bound Booklets, one for each month of the year, in two-pages-per-day format. It's so smart to me to have only one book per month. That way, you're not lugging a whole year around with you (like with most systems) and you can concentrate on the here and now - which I think these days is very difficult, yet very important.

And the layout is so easy to use. Your calendar and appointments go on the left and your list of daily taskt and things -separated into easy to follow columns: Do, Call, Personal - are recorded on the right. So each day you see your schedule and what's happening and then what you've got to get done. It's all right there to see, no flipping pages, no separated lists to get you in a disorganized tizzy. It's all right in front of you.

You can work your plan and plan your work. And there's plenty of room, so even the busiest person will have enough room to write down the to do's and the need to's for that day.

And each day has a quote from one of her books that helps keep you on track and each 3 months, the border colours change, which I love because I get bored so easily (we are using it each and every day, people, so why not make it exciting?).

One of my favourite elements of the system is the Monthly Calendars Booklet. Again, the layout is fantastic. There is room to write in the squares (don't you hate it when you get a planner and you can't write a damn thing in?!) and each month has a laminated tab, which makes it easy to navigate. Also, they are in different colours, which is a nice touch.

Each month includes a Goals and Activities section that keeps you on track in all areas of your life - work, self, family/friends, etc. And of course, it's damn nice to have it all together and laid out so thoughtfully.

Also included in the booklet is a Balanced Life Skill Builder Tutorial. This is a fantastically detailed section that outlines Julie's philosophies like tracking your time, figuring out what works - and doesn't - for you and goal setting.

The Time Map Pad is a really neat tool that allows you to see where your time is spent with work and at home, and gives you the opportunity to make changes that are better for you. You can make a weekly pattern that includes all the parts of your life - work, family, self, community, etc. - and that is finally a balanced life.

The Sheet Protector/Pagefinder protects your Time Map and gets you to the current date each and every time. I'm

I am using the heck out of the Next Action Notebook that's also included in the system. It's got a topic line, which makes it easy to locate your notes (whether you're laying ground work on a project or you're taking notes from a meeting, you'll want to be able to find it in your host of scribbles). And the highlighted Next Action column is fantastic - things just have a way of jumping out at you here!

If you go through your notebook quickly as I have - and it's only February - Franklin Covey's Better Than a Yellow Pad is a great choice.

And the carry it all around in, you're going to want a pretty binder.

There's the Balanced Life Wire-Bound Cover, which is nice, but I wanted something with a little more pop. There are a ton to choose from (sooo gorgeous!).

The Classic Pheobe's are fun and fit the system's pages. The Geo Pink/Black is striking and the Damask is oh-so-modern, but I can't get enough of the Flower one - it's like an injection of spring into my winter! So soft, so pretty, so now.

What's important though, is not what's on the outside. It's the inside that counts.

And Julie Morgenstern's Planning Pages have completely changed how I work, how I schedule my time, how I see my life.

It's only February, but already I feel like I'm 5 years ahead of where I was two months ago.

I couldn't have done it with this.

I told you Franklin Covey products change your life!

Stephanie Dickison

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