Come Join the Series - Exciting New Planners from Franklin Covey!!

This is the first installment in a new series here at the knack.

Eery Monday for the next 5 Mondays, I will be bringing you new and exciting products from Franklin Covey!

This is a chance for you to completely makeover your planning system - or if you're currently without one, putting one into place.

Franklin Covey is the global leader in productivity tools and training for individuals and organizations. They offer Planning Pages/Refills, Binders, Cases, Planner Accessories, Software Solutions, Handhelds, PDAs, Tablet PC, Tech Products and books.

I used Franklin Covey back in the 90s and have been so impressed with their latest products, that I came back to using them! I will bring you a variety of their systems and accessories so that you can finally have the organized - and fulfilling - life that you've always wanted!

Come and see what I mean:

There are 4 categories of organizers at Franklin Covey - MasterPlan (goal-focused and life management), DateManager (event and appointment management), EasyPlan (streamlined organizing) and NoteWorthy (thoughts and highlights).

Let's start off with EasyPlan. These streamlined organizing products give you the flexibility to plan in your own style. The open designs give you lots of space for recording information, the look and colours are modern and fun and these items are priced so that you can have a seriously pretty planner (why would you want an ugly one now that there are so many choices?) without having to fork over a wad of cash.

One of the systems in this category is the Her Point of View.

Pretty and bursting with verve, this planner features autumn colours, motivational sayings and illustrations that make for a very feminine and anything but boring calendar.

Laid out 2 pages per week, you get an instant overview of what you've got to do and when. There is plenty of space for you to list what you're doing, as well as to slot in the kids activities as well. At the end of the week, there is even space for notes, which is awfully thoughtful. You know that's going to be bursting full each and every time!

This clean layout is pleasing to the eye and leaves you the room you need to think and plan.

As with all of Franklin Covey's products, you can choose ring-bound systems or wire-bound. Ring-bound allows you to really cater your system to you - you can move pieces around and just carry what you like with you. Wire-bound is the system all in one. From 1989 to about 2001, I used a ring-bound system because there were no wire-bound ones. Now I've made the switch to wire-bound, but it's really a personal choice.

You can the Her Point of View Planners in either format. If you choose ring-bound, you can get it in 2 sizes - compact or classic. You'll want to get the two-page monthly calendar to accompany it as well. Choose compact or classic. With the wire-bound planner, it includes the month calendar tabs and address/phone pages. There are 2 sizes to choose from - clutch or classic.

And here it gets even better - the new Her Point of View Binders are so beautiful, you're sure to bring your planner everywhere with you. It's just too pretty to leave at home or on your desk!

They come in the loveliest colours! A glazed leather, pleated exterior and modern and colourful inside makes planning fun. It also allows you to bring along a pen, business and credit cards and any other papers and accessories that you need along the way. Oh, and it's so slim that it won't take up your entire purse or briefcase like other binders. It's perfect.

This is the way to plan your life - on pretty, illustrated paper with lots of space to write, thoughtful sayings that will help keep you motivated and the most gorgeous leather cover that is both stylish and practical!

Tune in next Monday for the next installment on getting organized with Franklin Covey!

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Stephanie Dickison

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