Special Report: The Franklin Covey Series Part II - The Chantel Dome Laptop Bag!

Thank goodness it's Monday!

I know, weird right?

But I'm excited because it's Part II of my series on Franklin Covey amazing products!

Read Part I

Today, it's all about beautiful cases and bags.

I know you want one. And why wouldn't you? That thing that you've been carrying around is done for. It was done for 5 years ago actually...

A stylish bag not only is a great accompaniment to any outfit, but can keep you on track as much as any management system! Pockets and sections, places to put all of your possessions -
you'll never have to dig around the bottom of your purse for your keys again.

And just look at the selection - there's something for every style and every occasion! There are new bags, laptop bags, totes, messenger bags, and backpacks,
The only problem you'll have is choosing just one!

I've fallen in love with so many of them - The Breckenridge Messenger bag is smart and street savvy. And the CT3 Checkpoint-Tested Tri-Pack 15.4" Laptop Backpack is perfect for the world traveler. Get your bag to match your planner with the Avallon Laptop Bag and the NEW Her Point of View Tote and Hobo Bags.

But the Chantel Dome Laptop Bag has stolen my heart.

First of all, there's its lovely shape. Modern with a retro twist, it's damn sexy and timeless to boot. The classy pebbled leather-like texture makes it look like a million bucks, but only you will know you didn't spend that much (it's not your fault if people think it's a designer bag).

The interior is beautiful too. Buttercup yellow dotted with modern graphics greets you each time you open the bag - soooo pretty. And to think you've been staring at ugly black polyester all of these years. You shouldn't have to live like that...

The nickel hardware add modern touches and the adjustable shoulder strap means that you can travel comfortably, whether you're hopping in a cab or onto a plane to Italy (ahh, Italy).

It's big enough to hold my big laptop and the entire contents of my purse (Have you seen my purse? It weighs as much as a bag of potatoes. No, make that two bags...).

It's also big enough to hold up to a 15.4" laptop, and copious papers, notebooks and files (thank goodness - I'm a writer after all). Oh, and it's got specific compartments for all of your necessities - business cards, credit cards, pens, padded ones for your phone and mp3 player and a zipper pocket for all of your other stuff. A removable key fob means that you'll always have your keys at hand (finally!) and a matching wristlet allows you to stay stylish on a whim (and keep track of all those little bits that usually end up at the bottom of your bag - ech).

It's really the best of both worlds - a laptop bag that's as stylish as a purse and can keep up with all that I need to carry around with me on a daily (okay, hourly) basis.

See why I love Mondays? I've got the best bag - it looks fantastic and though you can't tell, I've got my entire office in thid little beauty.

I'm ready for anything!

Get your own Franklin Covey Bag & Case from their wide selection and feel the power of being organized AND stylish on the go!

Wasn't that one of your resolutions anyway?

Stephanie Dickison

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