Special Report: The Franklin Covey Series Part III -Jean Chatzky’s Making Money Make Sense Ring-Bound Planner Refill!

Welcome to the third Monday in my series of 5 Mondays of new and exciting Franklin Covey Products.

I'm going to get you organized, one way or the other!

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Let's talk about planners.

Part of the MasterPlan series, Jean Chatzky’s Making Money Make Sense Ring-Bound Planner Refill is a fantastic way to plan your life AND budget your money along the way!

Financial editor for NBC’s Today Show, New York Times best-selling author and money coach, Jean Chatzky has designed this planner to have everything you need to get organized, both with your time and money.

There is much to love about this planner. First of all, it’s beautifully designed - tabs in pale colours, dividers with floral images and sayings to get you motivated and moving and pages bordered in a floral graphic and sections highlighted in various colours. There’s a monthly calendar and the two-pages-per-week layout gives you a clear picture of what you’ve got to do this week – and next. And the Classic (5.5” x 8.5”) size gives you lots of room to write.

What sets this planner apart are the Spending Plan Tracker Pages. In between each week, you’ll find these dedicated pages so that you can actually keep timely and uber-organized records of how much you’re planning to spend as well as the actual amount for housing, transportation, other debt repayment, savings, living and other. It covers each week so you plan your schedule as you would normally, but turn the page and you've got all of your financial info sorted as well.

It really is a fantastic layout that's easy to follow and manage. It's like somehow Jean knew that if it were to go in a separate section on its own, all hope of us being able to keep us would be lost.

And if you want to get your finances straight, you've got to sit down and figure out the numbers. The actual numbers of what you make, what you spend. I bet you think you have a pretty good idea, but until you write it all down, you don't know for sure, do you?

The 2011 monthly calendar allows you to plan ahead and worksheets such as Average spending, Determine your monthly nut, Debt reduction, and Saving for a goal help you get a handle on your money. The Pagemarker clear pouch gives you a place to store receipts.

I’ve never seen a money plan so integrated with a calendar system before. It’s such a fantastic idea, as they really do go hand and hand. It’s the best way to get – and keep – on track in every way, don’t you think?

If only the rest of your life could be this organized...

Buy yourself Jean Chatzky’s Making Money Make Sense Ring-Bound Planner Refill and make 2010 the year you finally get ahead!

Stephanie Dickison

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