Transform Your Hair With Kérastase!

I have written about Kérastase before.

That's because they truly have revolutionary products that actually give me the Hollywood hair that I've always dreamed of - instead of the craziness that I was born with: half curly, half whatever.

Now Kérastase has come out with some fab new items that are going to have you swooning!

From the Specifique line, try their Bain Densitive GL Shampoo that soothes and normalizes your scalp, while giving your thinning hair more texture. And stimulate your hair growth with Bain Prevention GL Shampoo - your hair will feel lighter than ever. It's incredible! And these shampoos smell and feel tres luxe, which I always appreciate. I mean, it's just so far beyond the cheap drugstore stuff. I'm loving the Soin Densitive GL spray that texturizes your hair while giving it the rich, thickness you desire!

And check out the new Chroma Thermique! Not only did I go platinum this summer, but I've continued with it (but now it's a short bob) - which means that my hair is well, fried beyond it's usually dry self.

But thanks to Chroma Thermique, this incredible leave-in protecting milk tends to my tresses, leaving them soft and silky, glossy and flossy, smooth and strong!

I have Hollywood hair, folks.

And now, you can too - because Kérastase truly transforms your hair!

Stephanie Dickison

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