Kérastase Paris Creates a Solution for Dry, Rebellious Hair with New Nutritive Oléo-Relax Slim!

Finally, I can do something about this dry and wayward mop of mine.

Every summer I colour my hair a lighter shade of blonde, but this summer I went super platinum (Gwen Stefani blonde). And because my hair grows so fast, I'm doing root touch-ups every 2 weeks - Why couldn't I have just been born a blonde? It'd be sooo much easier...

Hence, my hair is supremely dry and crazy - more so than usual, if you can believe. The thin strands tangle and curl, leaving my hair really unmanageable and oh, all right, let's just call it what it is - crazy lookin'!

So when I found Kérastase Paris' Nutritive Oléo-Relax Slim products, I was filled with hope. Could I really have tamed hair that is manageable and proportionate again?

I am happy to report a resounding yes!

There are two ways to do it - treat it with the Masque Oléo-Relax Slim and protect it with Creme Oléo-Relax Slim.

With the masque, you apply 1-2 teaspoons to clean, towel-dried hair and gently massage in from roots to ends. They say to leave it on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing. It's just like at the salon! So pick up your favourite magazine and use this time just for you while your hair gets a complete makeover in just a few minutes.

And you follow the same directions with the creme, but don't rinse out.

The Masque and Creme makes hair styling easier because it finally gives you back the control you've been longing for. They rebuild your dry and brittle hair with 3 oils - Camelina, Pracaxi and apricot - to "tame and straighten the hair." So the volume of your hair is decreased (thank goodness) and noticeably lighter. Now your hair will be nourished and smooth, straight and completely under control.

What I love about these products is that they give you such a feeling of luxury - your hair will like you've been to an upscale salon and it will smell incredible. This is a system that you'll actual enjoy using!

Shop Kérastase Paris' Nutritive Oléo-Relax Slim products and get the lush locks you've always dreamed of!

Stephanie Dickison

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