Look & Feel Fabulous with The Pink Room, Saijojo & Sturrupz!

In need of a change? Want to make 2010 the year you look your best or your most different?

I've got a few products here that will make you look and feel fabulous, all in just a second or two!

**The Pink Room**

I like to change my perfumes every season. It gives me a lift and something new to look forward to. Sure I have my classic scents that I still wear from time to time, but for the new year, I wanted something different, something fun.

I love The Pink Room's fragrances!

Created by Sarah Barton-King, they are subtle, yet complex and bang on for the season!

Parfum Pour Toi is a soft blend of citrus, smoky and floral scents that captivates upon the first whiff. Lemon, cassis and grapefruit intermingle with rose, fleur de melati and lily of the valley, and ends with sandalwood, vanilla and white musk. It is a light, warm fragrance that is unique and seductive without being at all cloying.

It's in other words, exactly what you've been looking for.

Parfum No 1 is the bolder of the 2 fragrances, with a muskiness that is sexy and woodsy, yet still completely feminine. It starts out with a sweet citrus and bergamot scent, followed by jasmine, lily of the valley, victorian rose and violet and is completed by madagascan vanilla, oakmoss absolute and white musk. It's alluring and fascinating, and changes and develops as it warms to your skin.

It's one of those ones scents that you can't help but be smitten by.

Go to The Pink Room and get these scents that really are exceptional.

Isn't that how you want to feel this year?


Named after one of the five types of Zen, Saijojo hair care products gives you the eco-friendly, natural ingredients that you're looking for - organic and biodynamic, actually - with a hope that you get the styles you crave without any of the chemicals that your currently used to.

Using natural sugars instead of polymers, you get the manageability that you want and none of the scary side effects that come with using parabens, PEGS and other toxic chemicals that are a part of many salons and hair products.

Saijojo has everything you need:

To start, get the Daily Goodness ecoShampoo & ecoConditioner, which makes your hair feel soft and sexy and smell so good. It feels loved and pampered, which never happens when I use a drugstore brand...

The Uplifting ecoStyling Foam controls my wavy hair, but gently. No stiff strands and you can run your hand through your hair without getting caught. And the Uplifting ecoStyling Spray isn't sticky or gross (which is why I usually don't like using sprays) and it has a fresh, citrus scent that is refreshing and yes, completely uplifting!

You're going to want to keep the Calm ecoSmoothing Balm close by, because everyone's going to want to try it. It's one of those miracle products that makes my hair sleek and shiny, when really I've got this crazy, big, what-the-hell-is-that kind of hair! And the Calm ecoStyling Glaze gives my curls and waves the definition they need (oh do they need it), all with the invigorating scent of ylang ylang.

Saijojo is my go-to brand for 2010. What about you?

** Stirrupz**

Keeping your jeans tucked into books can be a real pain, especially when you've got all those layers on. You're huffing and puffing, trying to jam them in and get them to stay in. You try socks over them, but they bulge and slouch and it never works!


That's why you've got to get Stirrupz.

They are so easy to use - just cuff your jeans and attach the Stirrupz. Your boots will slip on with ease and it takes just a second.

The clips fasten to your jeans without damaging them, and the elastic is super comfortable.

So now you can look good and get out the door that much faster.

Good, because you have so much that you want to do and see...


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