The First Installment of The Friday 5!!

Over at my beloved Pan Magazine, we have a Friday 5, which I'm going to add here at the knack.

It'll be a quick shot of 5 of my favourite new finds for the week - just in time for the weekend!

This week, I'm doing a little bit of everything to start it off.

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The Friday 5 - November 20, 2009

1. Smudgees

Let's be honest: my eye makeup has looked a little rough many a time, but now I've found the perfect solution - Smudgees!

These individually packaged wands have pre-moistened tips with a specially made eye-makeup remover that's alcohol and oil free, which means you can freshen up your look wherever you are whether you've just made a run for your plane or you've just emerged from a heavy makeup session in the car!

These tiny little wonders can tuck into your purse, pocket or clutch - they're so tiny! - and don't require you to use any water at all.

No matter what the occasion - a tearful wedding, a windy day, a hard day at the office runnin' around - Smudgees have got you covered.

And lookin' good!

2. CordFits

There is little more that's frustrating than pulling out my mp3 player outta my purse to listen to and my earphones being so tangled that it takes me 5 minutes to unravel it all.

That's why I'm lovin' CordFits.

You can keep your cord neatly wound up and can also customize the cord length, which is a feature that you don't see too often. Look and see how to shorten and lengthen to suit your needs.

Now I can listen to my music without hassle.

Ahhh... that's much better, thanks to CordFit!

3. Scandle Body Candle

Lookin' to rev things up in the bedroom this weekend?

Get yourself the Scandle Candle and envelop yourself in the sweet scent (I got Fig & Brown Sugar) as it burns and then enjoy it as it turns into massage oil that you can then enjoy, either on your own or with someone!

It's made from cosmetic grade soy oil instead of traditional waxes, so you get a warm, moisturizing feel with no waxy residue or other gross side effects. It doesn't emit toxins while it's burning, it's biodegradable, water soluble, and the 10 oz. size lasts for 10 full body massages.

Which means you'll have enough to get you through the holidays and back to work feeling relaxed and rejuvenated for once!

4. Softress

Now that the winter weather has arrived, it's time to start moisturizing your skin and your hair.

And now you can do it all at once place - Softress.

Take Love Your Hair for example. This deep conditioner detangles while giving you exceptional shine, a nice antidote to the winter frizzies and dullness, wouldn't you say?

And SoftHands soothes your dry hands and ravaged cuticles with vitamin-rich oils and antioxidants such as sunflower seed, avocado and olive oil as well as vitamins C & E.

There's a whole range of products that will help keep your hair and skin moisturized through these upcoming cold months.

And don't you want to look supple and dewy amongst the crowd of washed out, dry faces?!

Check out all of their products and have a winter like no other!

5. Fresh Snack Pack

Plastic bags are a no-no, we know that. But what happens when you make your lunch or a snack to take to the office or on a roadtrip or simply want to pack something to have with you on a long journey or plane ride?

That's where the awesome Fresh Snack Pack comes in. The PVC-free plastic, non-toxic, reusable sandwich and snack bags not only keep your food safe and contained (love the velcro tabs!), but you get a built-in placemat with it, making eating on-the-go that much easier!

Easy to wash and dry, these little guys are non-wasteful, so affordable and they last and last.

Buy 'em in bulk, because one you start using them, you'll want to have one for everything - and everyone!

Stephanie Dickison

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