Illatos Lang Home - Luxe Soy Candles that Completely Transform Your Space

Have to ever noticed in interviews with the  rich and famous, after they've talked about their most coveted skincare and beauty products, they always mention their favourite candles that they fill their homes and hotel rooms with? 

It's because a candle is a luxury that travels from room to room and completes transforms your environment with a simple strike of a match. It's elegant d├ęcor and aromatherapy wrapped in one. It's one of the best calming measures outside of a good cup of tea or long soak in the tub. 

Which is why you don't want just any candle. You want something steeped in quality craftsmanship and made with all natural ingredients. You want a clean burn and an intoxicating fragrance that makes you feel good all over, inside and out.

Illatos Lang Home Candles from Australia are sheer opulence from packaging to wicks.

Hand poured wax - 100% soy - delivers up to 75 hours of clean burning time via two wicks, and is available in five dreamy fragrances: 

- Cuir de luxe (leather & burnt sugar)
Saisons (blackcurrant & fir needle)
- La mer (grapefruit & water lily)
- Bordeaux  (tobacco & tonka bean)
- Jardin (peony petals suede)

For a limited time only, you can also shop Noir (bergamot & sheer musk), an all black candle and glass vessel.

I received Jardin, which arrived flawlessly wrapped in black tissue paper (how one wraps with tissue and doesn't crinkle it is beyond me) and a beautiful card. I haven't even laid eyes on the candle yet and already I'm smitten.

The black box alone is a stunner. Who needs to waste time on wrapping paper when this stately embossed container says it all? 

Then there's the wide milky white glass container and solid black wood lid. If only my furniture were this beautiful and well made.

I remove the lid and am captivated by a most alluring scent. Soft, elegant and floral, it's feminine and sophisticated. With a bouquet of blooming peonies, jasmine and rose, a hint of Fuji apple adds a touch of sweetness while suede delivers a decidedly modern edge.

The fragrance is so rich in quality (If only it were a fragrance I would wear it everyday. Next best thing? Illatos Lang Home L’amour collection Reed Diffusers), as is the wax. The vegetable wax is free of harmful ingredients such as petroleum, pesticides and herbicides and cleans up in a snap with hot soapy water (sooo not the case with "regular" wax).

Illatos Lang Home Candles are so well designed and crafted, lighting a candle is no longer a simple task - it's a meaningful ritual that brings with it utter joy and complete relaxation.  

Everyday moments become majestic and special occasions when you have Illatos Lang Home Candles

Stephanie Dickison

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